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Skurge -> Steampunk Lore (10/12/2013 11:34:35)

.: Steampunk Lore :.


Guild Lore

"Spanning from the Northern Wilds, to the Southern Coasts, the Guild manages to find adventure against all matter of danger. Be it against Corsairs, Chaos or Legendary Beasts, with Steam-Powered Bronze & Rifles of Iron they shall vanquish their foes before a gear spins full circle"


The Oil lamp was squeaking as it blew on its rusted Hinge, the Northern winds showing off their harsh Nature. The Band of Corsairs huddled around the centre of the deck, rubbing their hands together while the condensation of their shivering breaths were ushered out into the air. One of the Crew stuttered as he spoke up, urging the others to tell stories of Myths and Ghosts. Reluctantly, they all began to whisper and murmur amongst themselves.

"So..who's gonna be first to tell their Tale?"

They looked around still sheepishly, until one of the newer recruits raised his hand to offer his story. The crew hunched in as they gathered closer, anticipating a good tale of horror. The Scrub began to weave his words,

"I've heard of a certain group...They were originally of the Skyguard and went Rogue. They've been chasing down Pirates and bringing them to their graves..." The Crew were silent, and began laughing to themselves shortly after. The Recruit looked down as a Shadow arose behind him and shoved him on the back. The Captain laughed ferociously as he chanted how no Skyguard Dog would bring him out of the Sky. He got the rest of his crew apart from the recruit to join in his humourous shout. The commotion on the deck was so loud and full of energy, no-one noticed the lamp had blown out, leaving just a gaslamp in the centre of the group alight.

Amongst the clouds and Night Sky, nothing could be seen nor heard, yet something was approaching fast and silently. If any could listen in utter silence, they would make out the slight flap of altering sails and the minimal creak in ancient wood. The mysterious vessel pulled alongside the Corsair ship as it began its attack. No cannons were fired, no guns were shot. Only footsteps of two individuals planted onto the enemy deck. The light of the central lantern glinting off Bronze that they bore. As the crew kept on jaunting quite Jolly, the two figures approached.

The Captain raised his Mug up high for a toast. The Crew did so in rejoice of their own pride, as the Captain began to Lament.

"Long Live the Corsairs of the Northern Skie-"

The Captain's speech was cut off as his glass shattered, and a line of smoke arose out of a barrel to his side. The Crew were paralysed in fear and amazement. They suddenly developed angry expressions as they drew their weapons along with their stunned leader. As they got up, all they saw was a flash of Steel and a spray of red as their Captain dropped dead. The Corsairs all looked in horror. As they began to drop their weapons, the mysterious figures entered into plain sight, where-upon the one dressed with Trench Coat and Rifle cleared his throat before addressing the amazed men.

"Let me ask you one Question. Do you fear me?"

One of the Crewman began to nod as a rifle was aimed at his chest. Before he had time to react, a round had gone into his heart. Another life marked forever with shock. The rest of the men drew their swords and charged the Armed figure, as the second mysterious figure stepped swiftly forward dispatching them in a flurry of strikes and blows. As the two estranged men turned to leave the Ghost ship, the recruit poked his head from behind a Mast, and said

"I-Im not afraid of you".

The Trench Coated Man walked toward him, while holstering the rifle, and knelt in toward him, simply ushering,


He then went on to Introduce himself.

"We, young sir, are a Band of Vigilante Justice, using our Knowledge of Steampunk and any equipment based around that concept to dispatch all evils that we see are better off dead than causing chaos around this world. You can call me Skurge, and my associate, you may call him Caspian. We are the last thing a Sky Pirate sees, and the first glint of hope on any sunrise. We are Steampunk Lore. You want to sign up?"

Who We Are / Focus

We are a guild which revolves around the style of Victorian/Industrial Style named Steampunk. This includes Steam Automatons, A bountiful amount of airships, and more Bronzed Mechanical Flourishes to equipment than you can shake a Wrench at. This leads us to centralise around the Skyguard's theme since they seem to cover quite a few of these bases. But we dont limit ourselves to this, and adopt anything with a certain Mechanical & Rustic flare to it.

We seek to aid anyone with an equally strong passion for Steampunk and any who wish to pursue this style further. If you're still reading and this has gotten your cogs turning, then keep on reading!

Requirements To Join

To join, you must meet the given criteria.

  • Be actively participating in the Steampunk Lore private forum (after acceptance into the guild)
  • Be active in both the Forums as well as AQWorlds.
  • Mature and able to carry the Guild Tag responsibly.
  • Have a sense of Roleplay.

  • All geared up? Great. There are two stages in registering, first, you must reply to this thread using the format given below.
    Remember: use good English and be clear on why you want to join.

    [b]AQWorlds Character Username:[/b]
    [b] Time Zone[/b]:
    [b] Why you want to join[/b]:
    [b] What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild[/b]:
    [b] What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?:[/b]
    [b] Additional Information (Tell us about yourself):[/b] 

    If you pass the first stage, we will PM you (via Battleon Forums) and you'll enter the second stage in registering.

    Ranks & Members

    4 Captains 3

    Skurge - Commodore, Founder, and Steampunk Extraordinnaire.

    Caspian Hellsbane - First Mate, Founder, and Master of Lore.

    4 Quartermasters 3

    (Members of this rank will be granted the "Officer" status in game)

    4 Crewmates 3

  • snakemasters666 - "SkyBard" Snake

  • Retro GX - "Constructor of Gear"

  • Snake XZ - "Steam-gear Engineer"

  • Legion Slicer Silencer - "Doctor of Steam"

    4 Scrubbers 3

    (All members start off as Scrubbers. The longer you spend in the guild, the higher rank you are given)

    4 Tribute Wall3

  • Dwightt - Retired Aviator


  • EbilCorp


    More goals will be added in the future.

    4 Get Ten Members 3

    4 Get Twenty Members 3

    4 Get Thirty Members 3

    4 Get Fourty Members 3

    4 Get Fifty Members 3

    4 Make an Alliance 3

    Member Waiting List

    In the case someone is accepted, you'll be put here until you're physically put into the Guild. All members that are waiting for slots to open will also be put here.

  • Dragonlord Jamil

  • Ktiu

  • Hellsbane -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/13/2013 21:58:52)

    Applications -- 4Open!3

    Applications are now open! There are currently Four unused slots open for potential players.

    dragon wrath -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 0:36:15)

    Wicked guild name skurge.

    LeonVader -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 8:11:54)

    AQWorlds Character Username: gio_saturn

    Time Zone: UTC + 8 (don't know if this is correct)

    Why you want to join: I am really serious into having a guild now, not only about talking guild wars and stuff.. i want to help others like what i do here in forums. [:D] And also, awesome name [;)]

    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: To be a permanent member, at least member, what matters most is i can contribute in helping other guildmates and co players. To be a Steampunk !

    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): Im good and responsible. I balance my time for games and studies, resulting to be a consistent top in our class. [:)]

    Sorry, this is the same info about me in the steampunk forums. Because.. that's just me. lol

    snakemasters666 -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 10:24:28)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Snakemasters666
    Time Zone: United States Central time (-6 GMT)
    Why you want to join:
    Steampunk and roleplaying. I have been having an urge to roleplay again recently and would like to develop a character on AQWorlds for once. Doing so around a good friend would be fun.
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild:
    Creation of a steampunk character that I can merge over into other games/real-life as well. More friends online with similar interests.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself):
    - Beta character/tester/founder
    - Server Officer of the AQW Ambassadors
    - Is Possibly a Noob

    Cruden -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 15:26:27)

    AQW username: cruden
    Time Zone pacific coast (west side)
    Why I want to join: well because most of the guild I have been in only lasted for a while, they never did anything important, I was a an officer for most of them. So I want a guild that can help each other get more stronger
    I hope to make this guild big, one of the strongest not be recruiting high leveled players but by making the member of our guild stronger.
    I am a lvl 34 rank 10 dragon slayer and enforcer

    Hollow Knight -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 17:33:50)

    This seems like a very good and interesting guild. Good luck on your guild [:)]

    DarkFireKiller -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/14/2013 21:10:11)

    AQWorlds Character Username: DarkFireCookie
    Time Zone: EST (Server time)
    Why you want to join: Well I'd like to think that I am good friends with the owner of the guild and I'd like to be in a guild with nice, helpful people.
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: Well, nothing really, but I would definitely like to make new friends as well as quest and have fun with them.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): Well I'm a funny-ish, helpful guy. I like the TV show Castle. I like to play AE games and help people while doing so. I haven't been the most active recently, as school gets in the way, but I do get on usually once a day for at least half an hour. That's all I can really say :P Others may describe me better, but this is about it.

    Thanks for reading!

    Retro The Watcher -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/15/2013 11:59:38)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Retro Gx.
    Time Zone: London Standard.
    Why you want to join: Because Steampunk is awesome and because I love having the chance to do some role-playing ^.^!
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: Friends and fun!
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: Steampunk is an interesting concept which combines Victorian style clothing with a futuristic twist, making it such a cool hybrid.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): I love playing AE games and helping the community that plays them. I am an avid poet/writer and I enjoy most sides to gaming.


    legion of souls -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/16/2013 1:22:23)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Dreadx1/Purity chaos
    Time Zone: Mountain time
    Why you want to join: I've always just wanted to help people in video games. I hope to achieve that by join this here guild! It's almost like another chance at the Ambassadors
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: Hopefully get myself back into AQW a little more, and meet new people hopefully
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: I like pirates, and who dosent love err... technologically advanced pirates!
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): This is a very hard question.... I guess you could say I'm just an overall fun person to be around, being serious just ain't my style.

    -Dread waz here

    Snake XZ -> RE: Steampunk Lore (10/31/2013 2:33:29)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Snake XZ
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
    Why you want to join: I've recently re-energized myself about AQW and still found that Role-Play is mostly dead for most of the population in game. I used to Roleplay(probably poorly) early after the release of the game, so this sounds like a perfect fit for someone who'd like to do a bit of that
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: I'd like to find a group to relearn Roleplaying with/Roleplay with as well as meet some new people in game since it's not too easy for me to just meet people in game anymore.
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: Well, when I hear Steampunk, I immediately think of technology mixed with older eras, such as Victorian, but really any. It's an interesting area of Science Fiction and I've wondered about the genre from time to time.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): I'd say that my areas of interest are gaming and keeping up on politics here in the US. In gaming, I like most genres, except puzzle style cause I am really quite bad at solving puzzles in a timely manner and I get frustrated over them. On the politics side, I try to keep myself up to date as much as I can each day, reading my newspaper and online articles throughout each day. I try to keep a unbiased opinion, but I'm usually biased on the liberal side from the way I believe.

    ThatHeroGuy -> RE: Steampunk Lore (12/7/2013 19:09:49)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Shadowx112
    Time Zone : Central Time Zone
    Why you want to join: I've always thought guilds are a great way to meet new people and have some fun questing with others. They add a more social aspect to the game than "just kill that thing" or "solo that monster by yourself".
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: Meet new people and have fun questing with others
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: I've always thought it was an interesting concept and I think it would be a very original setting for a movie or video game. (Like Bioshock Infinite)
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): I like swords, and unicorns. Oh and I like to do the Chicken Dance in my spare time.

    Ktiu -> RE: Steampunk Lore (1/13/2014 10:36:57)

    AQWorlds Character Username: ktiu
    Time Zone: GMT-03 [Argentina]
    Why you want to join: I really like the steampunk style and been saving up some ACs for the new steampunk items they're gonna release..
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: I hope to meet some other people who also like Steampunk and make some new friends.
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: I like this science fiction sub-gender. Recently read Verne's books and started looking for more information about Stemapunk.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself): My english is good but sometimes I misspell.

    Mehitymeh -> RE: Steampunk Lore (1/19/2014 0:32:53)

    Do you still have any free spots?

    Skurge -> RE: Steampunk Lore (1/23/2014 16:55:10)

    Mehitymeh: Yes, we do. The recent bug fixes in AQWorlds opened some spots. Feel free to apply. [;)]

    Legion Slicer Silencer -> RE: Steampunk Lore (1/30/2014 15:24:07)

    Hello! I'd like to join this guild

    AQWorlds Character Username: Computerdragon5
    Time Zone: Eastern/Server
    Why you want to join: I'm an active player in AQW and decide to become a part of the Steampunk Legacy. I'll also become more active on the forums (both) as I now have time as well as enjoy the game more with other players
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: I'd like to meet more people and become friends with them as well as enjoy the AQW gameplay and help each other out.
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: After playing Dragonfable for a while, I've become rather interested in the aspects of anything of everything related to Steampunk technology. Since steampunk technology is often associated with games (Mechquest, Bioshock, and Dragonfable to list a few), it seems like a great idea to interpret this branch into a game.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself):
    I'm a kitty who was also an ex-ambassador and play Mechquest, Dragonfable, and AQWorlds quite often. I enjoy watching the History Channel and Science channel quite often as I always learn something new.


    TimeKiller -> RE: Steampunk Lore (5/27/2014 21:58:33)

    AQWorlds Character Username: Wearwolf211/ Mrs Timekiller yes ik the second one haz a funny name my brother changed it and im out of ACs
    Time Zone: United States Pacific Time Zone (-3 from server time)
    Why you want to join: My guild recently devolved, most of my old friends went inactive, and to have fun
    What you hope to achieve by joining this Guild: To make new friends, have fun, and enhance my AQW experience
    What do you think about the concept of "Steampunk"? Do you share any interest in this area of science fiction?: I personally think that it is cool. Yes, on my old acc I owned every peace of steampunk gear I could get my hands on.
    Additional Information (Tell us about yourself):
    - AE screwed up a payment banning My Main Acc
    - I play DF
    - Was a proud holder of the BLoD for about a month and a half
    - Most importantly... Is The Noob

    Legion Slicer Silencer -> RE: Steampunk Lore (6/7/2014 10:15:39)

    I have left the guild mainly because it was rather inactive, good luck master Skurge.


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