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The Hollow -> =AQ= New Discount Z-Token Shop! (10/25/2013 16:48:42)

Right now AE has a special offer for 10% bonus Artix Points if purchased directly using a credit card (sorry no paypal etc.) by November 1st. In Adventure Quest we have added a ton of gear discounted 25% so enjoy shopping!

Items included:
Terror Set
Gatekeeper Armor series
Jester Disguise series
Felled Gunfighter series
Vassal's Stay Z
Shade's Mask Z
Reflective/Deflective/Binding/Bulwark Seals - Combine them to summon the mighty Omnioath weapon!
Ice Katana series
Dragon Buster series
Nerfkitten House Guards
Pumpkin Golem pet
Little Death pet
Summon Poelala spell

*The items discounted will only appear in the new Discount Shop. It can be accessed using the Discount Items! button on town's page.

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