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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Dangerous Parallels! (10/30/2013 18:51:05)

Months ago, the SeekRat obtained the power of the Shadow Universe.....and nearly destroyed Lore in the process. And for the longest time, ever since the Shadow Universe was first discussed in-game, players have asked me if there are other universes similar to the Shadow Universe out there. The answer is, of course, yes, as you're about to discover for yourself.

This week, you'll get to meet several other types of shifters, each hailing from a similar universe composed of different elemental combinations. Their universes and powers were always much smaller than the Shadow Universe, but together, they could still pose a threat. No one knows why they're joining forces, but it can't be good for Lore. You'll have to crush their shifter army to find out their true motivations!

This small story release essentially acts as an "in-between" release as far as the SeekRat Saga goes. As I said in the past, the story has been split into chapters, and that the chapters will essentially act as separate "sagas" of their own so that players can jump into the storyline and experience the current content without having to refresh themselves on years of back story.

However, Chapter 2 isn't coming out immediately because of a number of other projects that I'm working on to help improve the game in other areas and ways. Knight was only one of many big projects I have in store. However, I don't want to leave our players hanging on the storyline front, and so I've prepared a few small story releases to help tie you over in the interim between Chapters 1 and 2. These releases will help show that the SeekRat is still around, still causing trouble, and still amassing power....but rather than confronting you directly as he has in the past, he has chosen to utilize his superior intellect against you and to manipulate the world behind the scenes. Can you put a stop to his schemes? Only time will tell.

Until then....


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