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Orashi -> Gaia (11/2/2013 18:54:49)


Gaia was founded by Orashi on Friday the 13th 2013.

I created this organization as a way to establish an Empire.

I created this organization as a way to establish a family of warriors who were ACTIVE in AQW.

A community of warriors who fight together, struggle together, and laugh together.

I have a vision of CONQUEST and COMPANIONSHIP.

This Vision can only be achieved through hard work, and determination.

You are the swords and shields of this organization.

You are my brothers and sisters.

This dream is intangible without YOU.


Grand Master






Clan Servers = J6

Clan Bases = Party-9500

Our Credo

No Trolling

Make it your mission to help any lower level players who need the assistance

Be active on Aqworlds at least twice a week

Show respect to your fellow guild mate


Be active on the clan forums at least twice a week

Orashi -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (1/20/2014 11:28:36)

Welcome to our official guild thread

stojan44 -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (3/26/2014 16:23:00)

Hello orashi. i'd like to apply to be in the guild. don't know how to apply so im pretty sure this is the right way...anyway im a non member...i hope that doesn't make any problems. lvl 22 and i mostly use a healer and a warrior. anything else i should put in here?

BlackLyon -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (4/16/2014 1:29:46)

I want to join your guild as well.
Username BlackLyon
Level 34
Viable Classes, Warrior, Beserker, Ninja, Oracle, Healer, Necromancer, Evolved Dark Caster,Blood titan

Orashi -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (8/31/2014 9:21:39)

Everyone is welcome
when are you usually online

Calcifer -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (9/1/2014 22:06:22)

Hello My in-game character is named FireDemonCalcifer(see if you can get where the name came from; I really want to join your guild because it sounds absolutely amazing, I love the name and this is my first guild so I am really excited to join. I am level 45 and I am on everyday. I may be absent from time to time because of school starting soon, but I will assure you that I will still be on when I can on weekdays and I will indefinitely will be online on the weekends. I hope you will consider me and I will be very glad if you accept me, Thank You!!!

PS. I am on most of the time around 7:00 PM to 9:00 or 10:00 PM

Lordul Nimicitor -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (9/2/2014 13:45:02)

hi means

username:Lordul Nimicitor
Armor:Swordhaven loyalist lv 5
Helm:Chaos helm 33 enhacement
Cape:Chaos spiderleg 33 enhacement
Classes:Chaos slayer thief (power in my special enhacement) Oracle,Mage. I will obtain Necromancer
Weapon:Chaos helanig cleric vortex/chaos dual axes/1st chaos lord staff/Nulgath sword !!
I will awesome guild pls accept me . [:D]

ShadowMoon -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (10/4/2014 0:14:56)

sense orashi has obviously forgotten to update this 2 details have changed. the guild's name is now gaia & the guild site was renamed, so this is the new url

Orashi -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (3/20/2015 9:43:29)

I think I may recreate the guild forum... (yet again) haha
But Gaia is a permanent change, this is our new organization

Nick Pyro -> RE: Echo of Silence [AQW] (3/28/2015 17:22:35)

A new organization, yet, we are in shambles. Unable to meet, unable to really function. What is our purpose?

I'm back, finally. I have many questions, and many ideas. Why are we here in this forum?

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