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xPhSycHo SnaKe EyeZx -> Faction Ideas (11/10/2013 16:30:56)

Right so I have thought and come across some faction ideas , balance is not the only thing that will keep a player playing I myself mostly play for my faction. So I will list a few faction ideas below , some of these could inspire players to keep playing / compete in dailys etc.

Faction Co Founder / Leader :

Right so there would be 4 ranks , Founder , Co founder / leader , officer & member. Co founder / leader has more benefits then officers but less then the founder. The Co founder / leader can remove players & promote players & change officer titles. They can not downgrade officers to members , change the flag or change the Founders title.

Faction Checkpoints :

When we click on the blue board where it shows the messages , there would be a faction checkpoints button. When the button is pressed , There will be a glow around any area where your faction controls a flag , when you click into the area instead of seeing the Legion / Exile flag you would see your flag then of course be able to teleport there by clicking the flag.

Faction Uniform :

Again where the blue board is , there would be a Faction Uniform button , when you press the button it will automatically take 100 credits from your inventory and change your colors to the one's the faction leader has assigned * this will not change the current hairstyle the member is using *

Faction Symbol :

Just a sign of loyalty , a faction member can purchase there faction symbol ( flag ) to be implemented on there armor.

Faction Groupchat :

Dont really need to explain this one , just like a normal groupchat , probably a bit revamped since the private chats are a bit small , all faction members can open this by clicking into the faction screen and pressing the chat icon.

Faction Levels :

Right now faction levels stand for nothing , just a title. Maybe from now on faction levels stood for your HQ and whats in it. The higher the level the bigger the HQ and more stuff you can put in it ( read more to find out what can be put in )

Faction NPC :

If you're legion you would be able to earn the Legion soldier NPC and the same for exile and Exile Soldier , how to earn it would be winning stuff. World Dominations , 1v1's etc.

Influence Tracker :

There would be a button either in the HQ or the faction screen where it shows how much influence each player has earned on that day.

I will think of more suggestions and add them to this. If you have any ideas pm me and I will add them to this ( and credit you ) please leave your opinions below :)

Teufel Hunden -> RE: Faction Ideas (11/10/2013 18:52:29)


1. Cofounder/leader has already been brought up dont duplicate please, we want fresh ideas for them to look at.

2. There is no point in checkpoint due to the fact once ur fac owns a flag ur looking for a new spot

3. Eh i guess this would be an alright idea

4. This has no point due to the fact the armors are not large enough for the decal of the symbol to look cool

5. No need, just pm members.

6. Faction levels stand for what the faction has achieved as a whole, you say "it means nothing" i say it means nearly everything to those who are loyal and/or run a faction

7. This would make no sense whatsoever. Would they appear in your faction headquarters? even if it did i still think it is just an extra idea that means nothing much.

8. Influence tracker is not needed either. You just check how much you have at beginning of day and after day is over, not that hard to do. Only thing this would be good for is founders and even then it is still not needed at all.

I would like to hear more suggestions because i think you are looking in the right direction but havent gotten there yet. I wish you luck in your future endeavors

~Da Bomb Expert

xPhSycHo SnaKe EyeZx -> RE: Faction Ideas (11/10/2013 19:35:04)


1 : Yeah but it wasn't in the FSI so I just thought I'd suggest it.

2 : There is a point , if a member joins and im not online and they want to find out where to play they click on that.

4 : it would be a small symbol , like the ones in Call Of Duty

5 : Try having 8 pms open and playing a match at the same time :)

6 : Yeah , but apart from that I think you should be able to achieve something in-game from it.

7 : It would be nice to have something else in the HQ , something your faction achieved.

8 : Its too much effort to track 16 members progress. This would help out factions who have an influence requirement per day.

Thanks you for your criticism.

Teufel Hunden -> RE: Faction Ideas (11/10/2013 20:13:17)


Of course, suggestions are meant to be shown their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Understood completely but this has been brought up multiple times.

2. Due to the nature of the flags it doesnt matter where they play unless there is a big group together which at that point you pm them

3. ------

4. Oh i see now, i guess it could work

5. I always have many pms open even wit people not from my fac and i still do fights, this argument is not valid :p

6. The achievement you get is the ability to show your strength as a faction

7. Eh i guess so, maybe a statue or something

8. It really isnt all that hard, but to be a successful leader and stuff takes work and that entails tedious things such as that. All in all it isnt hard to follow though

I wish you luck in your future endeavors :)

~Da Bomb Expert

SCAR -> RE: Faction Ideas (11/11/2013 19:16:09)

Most of these ideas were already brought up by "The Chosen One" Though I still agree that the game should have some updates for the Faction feature.

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