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The Hollow -> =AQ= Dragon Knight Set! (11/13/2013 14:07:35)

Aq's mastercraft set for 2013 will be arriving Friday and wow what a team effort! This has turned into one of the biggest projects we do every year. Barrius writing up a fun quest involving a dungeon maze with over 60 rooms to explore! Kamui, Zephyros, and In Media Res working hard to chip away at the mass of content in the programming department. Clyde making a fun, little dragon pet and Wyrm whipping up a boss and tons of awesome backgrounds. Finally this week it all comes together!

Warlic has detected an ancient and powerful magic hidden deep in the mountains. Inside lies a maze that few adventurers have found, and none have returned from. But if you can successfully navigate this maze, you may find incredible power in the form of a new set! But be warned....it is said that power corrupts, and this power corrupts absolutely....


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