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Koree -> Defence Boost (11/19/2013 2:05:56)

Defence Boost

Defence Boost: round(s)
Boost to evasiveness, shielding and/or general defences.
Gain + to blocking defences.

As described. The increased defenses are not displayed in the target's stats, but they will still take effect.


Koree -> RE: Defence Boost (11/19/2013 2:07:09)

Things that Boost your Defence

  • Fujin Plates ( Oread's Dexterity, Oread's Dexterity Z, Vinddverger's Agility, Lokapala's Nimbleness, Bacab' Finesse, Bacab' Finesse Z, Ventus' Finish, Anemos' Poise, Vayu's Grace, Fujin No Kiyousa)

  • Eye of Naab

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