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xPhSycHo SnaKe EyeZx -> Leaderboard suggestion. (11/22/2013 19:33:35)

My suggestion is that when you click on the leaderboards say for example I click on the Todays 1v1 boards underneath number 20 it would come up how many wins I have along with the % and same with factions.

Remorse -> RE: Leaderboard suggestion. (11/22/2013 22:14:04)

TBH I don't know why this isn't in the frequently suggested section.

But yeh I support.

Lord Of K1lling -> RE: Leaderboard suggestion. (11/22/2013 23:18:16)


CHELSEA ROX -> RE: Leaderboard suggestion. (11/22/2013 23:30:23)

Supported !

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