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DeathGuard -> DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (12/1/2013 23:38:18)

Hi everyone!
First of all, thanks for visiting this art gallery.
I'm now to explain a bit of my art history:
Since a young child, I have been drawing from crayon sketches to oil and acrylic paints. I have narrowed the path of the artist for more than 9 years, progressing from what I get from every single feedback. My art is greatly influence by fantasy and mecha based games. Sometimes a bit too dark for the taste of many people, due to instant tragedies or turn backs in my life. I have noticed most of my art has always some bit of the sadness in this world, which I have happened to tried expressing more and more over the years. I have great inspirations all over around me and have grown trying to improve the art lvl of great artists like Charfade, NightWraith, Tomix, Dage the Evil, and other several AE artists. You could also say I have drawn what has hurt me in my life, maybe to surpass what has grown deep inside and still consumes that bit of happiness I always have.
Being the youngest of two sons, I have seen the harshness of how family influences your art, and how they want to control your ideas and thoughts. People normally have asked me where do I get all this ideas from but even after almost one decade, I haven't been able to express so freely about it to be exact. The idea just comes, it sounds like some blatant thought but it is instant, even though that doesn't really covers all the theme.

Anyways lets get back to the art stuff!

NPC Suggestions

Bike Suggestions
EpicDuel Fan Arts

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (12/2/2013 7:19:51)

great ;)

ED Divine Darkness -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (12/2/2013 15:33:55)

steam punk weapons is good trizz, dont know what you are talking about...

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (12/3/2013 0:40:43)

just personal opinion really, i feel that it isn't steampunk enough since the only thing that's steampunk about it is the bronze color and the single gear

DeathGuard -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (4/12/2014 12:55:41)

Added some weapons:
  • Earthen Weapon Set
  • DB Laser Gun

  • DeathGuard -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (4/18/2014 0:20:18)

    Added another weapon:
  • Red Devastator

  • LigerBeard -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (4/18/2014 19:45:21)

    Hoho, I'd love to get my hands on some of those!
    You're weapon art is fantastic, I'd love to see much more from you.
    Also....Dat bike, man!

    DeathGuard -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (6/2/2014 15:43:07)

    Did a new vehicle
  • Space Ship
    Korin's animated version

    @LightBeard: Thank you for your comments, I went on a hiatus due to college work but started working on ED art again ^^

  • LigerBeard -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (6/9/2014 14:14:18)

    @DeathGuard: That's awesome man! Great to hear that you've finally started back on ED art!
    Also, do you think that you could do an NPC version of my ED character kittn? If yes, then i'll give you the descrioption of how I want it. If no, then don't worry, I just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Kian -> RE: DeathGuard's EpicDuel Art Gallery (3/16/2015 11:18:32)

    That Red Devastator looks, uh, really devastating. [:D] Also a fan of the Spectral Sword you made, and the aux. And glad to read you're back to making ED art!

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