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DaiTigris -> DaiTigris's Hearthside fire gallery AQW (12/2/2013 17:22:10)


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Hello fellow form members and welcome to my humble Adventure Quest Worlds section here by the hearth. I'd like to introduce myself to those who don't know me as DaiTigris. I'm a Digital and traditional artist aspiring to become a video game designer. I love to dabble in many varying mediums when I can afford to. I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Artix VS Sepulcher contest: Descent into Darkness

DaiTigris -> RE: DaiTigris's Hearthside fire gallery AQW (12/2/2013 18:19:58)

Artix VS Sepulcher contest: Descent into Darkness

Slightly Bigger Sized image
My Entry for the Artix VS Sepulcher contest that took place around the time Doom Wood Part 2 came out. I had a lot of fun painting this with acrylic paints and got so into this that I over looked two details. One that I suddenly had only one week to finish the piece(whoops) which resulted in a rushed background, and two the piece was two big for my scanner(ouch) which resulted in having to default to taking a picture of it. The original painting is 16 1/2 in. by 11 1/2 in.

Kian -> RE: DaiTigris's Hearthside fire gallery AQW (8/23/2014 9:47:18)

Hey Dai! Haven't seen you around for quite a while so I decided to visit your art gallery. [:D]
I never knew that painting with Artix and Sepulchure was yours... Painted art is probably my favourite kind of art ( this is probably my favourite painting ever. It's not a picture!) It looks great! I also liked your HHWR contest entry, so I was hoping to find more links to art here, which I did. :D I hope you continue making art and hopefully we may meet again in another contest!

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