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Oliver Bell -> Geoto Artwork New thread. (12/6/2013 12:49:49)


A nice new thread for Geotians to post any art they have, the old threads will remain as archives so the art can be accessed. Any Geoto related art is welcome, so feel free to get creative with paint if that is all you have.

Image are allowed as long as they are not too large, even if you do use an image though I would appreciate if you put a link underneath so it can be added to the first post.

EDIT: Stickied by myself and added the old Geotian seal of approval.

Grimrow -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (2/18/2014 12:41:09)

Sneak Peak:

Far too long have we lumbered around in those troublesome suits of stone....
We no longer fight a war of attrition against our fallen brothers of sky and sea.
Our enemies are plenty and diverse; The Night Stalkers, The Glacial Interlopers and many more...
It is time to take back the land, that is so rightfully ours, as only we take care in preserving it!
We must adapt our tactics and equipment, are we to defeat this corruption of the Wilds....

Nimble yet sturdy, ideal for fighting in forests.
Comfortable boots suitable for long treks and easily repaired or replaced, also enables stealthy operations. Leaves behind bear tracks instead of human footprints.
Symbolic value: Shoulders are inbedded with rock and decorated with rams horns and a Lion's head addorns to inspire fear in our enemies, courage in our brethern and a reminder to our beloved leader; Geoto!

All Hail the Earthshaper

I present: Geotal Standard Infantry Armour: Lionplate Regalia
(I did this in about 10 minutes, gonna make a more detailed version and different variantions for different roles within our clan society, will also design some headwear to go along)

UPDATE (19-2-14):

Tribute to our future clanleader: The High Councilor's Visage
"A sacred tribal mask that only those that are deemed worthy as Clan Leaders are allowed to wear."

And just finished a 2 hour drawing for Oliver, my hands were totally covered in pencil ....

Your new companion: I named him Gowédcha one of the A'Jil Duusu, but you are free to name him whatever you feel like! Going to write a little background story on how I found him and his kind and how I mistook them for Geoto himself!
They only listen to people that act with honour and wisdom, but that shouldn't be a problem for you!
(Additional Custom Signatures: Signature 1 & Signature 2

Everybody else, don't feel jealous! I plan to make something special for everybody that contributes to the clan.
A unique piece of equipment, an animal companion or something else :)

Hope you guys like my new drawing style, trying to learn Adobe PS and maybe i can turn this into something even better!

Also made this signature, maybe a bit cheesy but thought it was pretty funny :D

UPDATE (20-2-2014):
New signature Kinda like it, gonna use it for the moment and spend some more time in GGD and other boards, might get us some people, gotta remember to write down which awards I've earned!!!

Heavy Infantry Helmet Concept 1

Not really certain on this one, kinda like the top part, might keep that as a base and work from there, the interlocked stone plates atleast fit us thematically.
Gonna try a couple of other ideas! See what you like most.

Good point by Oliver, might be more suitable for heavy support troops instead of basic infantry.

Latest animal companion, a Plated Dire Wolf, I haven't given her a name and she doesn't have an owner yet!

Moar stuff:

Light Infantry Helmet Concept 1 - Horned

Light Infantry Helmet Concept 2 & 3 - Antlers & Spiked Dome

Standard Infantry Helmet Concept 1 - Horned and Clean

Spire Guard Concept 1 - Heavy Lionplate & Twin Punisher Gloves

Punisher Glove Profile and Weapon Variations - Dual Sawblades, Unicorn Horn & Axeblade

UPDATE (21-02-2014):
Still had some time. Updated the flavour text a bit, thanks to Oliver. This is pretty much the Final Version - Prison of Calibos and here is a clean version of just the Weapon

Nameless was thinking something like Claymore of Ghostly Petals, what do you think? Give your opinion in the discussion thread please.

Code to use signatures and link to our main forum: Copy everything below, then remove the ......'s , it will link to the main Geoto forums, you can replace the image with any other signature link in the image part, more is explained in the awards section or forum support section. Very important to close the bracket of the [link= after the url

[link..........=][image........]WEB ADRESS OF THE IMAGE YOU WANT[/image.....][/link.......]

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/8/2014 7:13:24)

This was originally supposed to be for the geoto guild but still I couldn't help to say that the warrior is me.The picture is incomplete but still LINK !

Grimrow -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/8/2014 9:10:28)

Neat! I really like the intricate decorations on the chest and shoulder pieces and the fact that he is armed to the teeth :3

Really nice to see some activity here, was starting to feel lonely...

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/8/2014 21:55:45)

Here is a Shield I call Geoto Stone Leon(Actually Metal)- LINK

A Hammer-Geoto's Ram Hammer- LINK

This is made in honour of people who defended our clan and (attacked other clans?) donated generously !

Oliver Bell -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/14/2014 3:30:33)

Heroes of the Scape has finally finished the PUC trophy, it is ours to keep until another clan wins the PUC. ~ LINK.

EDIT:Warmonger DragonJax, I have added comments about your works to my last post in the discussion thread.

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/14/2014 5:00:55)

I have edited the trophy because it looked bland-Here it is LINK !.(Its tough to draw on paint,OK !)

EDIT: Bassault Assaulter and under it is Flint Axe !

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/16/2014 0:33:57)

Geoto's Roc(k)s Metal Feather(for allyship with Aeordu)
Necrotic Stone of Doom(for allyship with Noctoru)
Geoto's Stone Volt Defence(for allyship with Dynami)
Geoto's Giant Slayer Dagger

More will come ! But not anytime before March 24 !

Grimrow -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/19/2014 20:25:59)

Spire Guard Concept 2 Kinda like this, it all seems a bit sleeker while still being massively armoured. The spiked shoulders, eagle winged helmet, gem encrusted belt are items I consider decorations of rank / acts of valour, a typical spire guard would seem more bland, as soldiers should be.

Spire Guard traits:
Heavily armoured
Close combat oriented
Defensive troops and bodyguards
Extremely disciplined

Updated the Punisher Gloves a bit, they are now usually equiped with a cross hair and a mechanism that fires the blade, of course this will drastically reduce close combat effectiveness leaving you only with the glove itself, which still packs quite a punch. So more of a desperate last effort to take down your foe since reinserting your weapon is quite a tedious and possibly dangerous job without the proper tools.

Also some ideas for different equipment for the Punisher Gloves:

Spiked Maces (no firing mechanism)
Single Shot cannon (with bayonet for close range)
Tower shield

Siege Guard - Concept 1

So here is an example of a low ranked Siege Guard, just wearing the basic plate mail and the standard Spire Guard plate attire. The GEOTO is just placeholder, couldn't think of anything to put there but it felt too empty. Only difference between a Siege Guard's and a regular Spire Guard's equipment, is the backpack containing the ammunition and gunpowder.

Siege Guards are even more lumbersome and immobile than the regular Spire Guard, accounting for the extra weight of the ammunition and the massive Shield. Naturally, only the biggest and strongest Geotians are chosen to become mobile artillery.

A second difference between Siege and Spire Guards is the fact that they operate in a cell with another member of the clan, usually a soldier from a Light Infantry unit (Ranger/Beastmaster/Assassin).
The tasks of the brother-in-arms consists of:
Reloading ammunition and gunpowder for the Siege Guard
Applying camouglage to the Tower Shield
Immediate protection of the Siege Guard in close combat

Needless to say, the two of them have to work together like a well oiled machine to be combat effective, to ensure this, the brothers always operate together and maintain their relationship out of combat through various rituals and traditions.

As for the Punisher Gloves:
Standard Cannon + Bayonet and Crosshair
Standard Tower Shield.

I envisioned how the Spire Guard would swirl the shield around by raising his fist upwards, then placing the shield with the flat end in the ground. The half circular opening would serve to rest and steady the cannon for a more accurate aim and reduced recoil.

Note: The claw like appendages are not intended for offensive purposes, yet, a shield slam could prove to be more efficient. When the shield is held in firing mode, the claws point upwards and can then be used to attach camouflage (leaved branches, bark, etc).
An ambush with several Spire Guards could leave a patrol or escort unfit for combat before having the time to react.


Siege Cannon Schematic

Quality of the picture is pretty poor... drew it way too large :P
The attachable part only consists of the barrel, the firing mechanism is slightly modified from the standard Gloves firing mechanism, as that is spring loaded to eject the blade, rather then actual gunpowder.
The wind up mechanism is located at the inside of the glove, so that the assistant can reload and rewind the mechanism in the safety of the tower shield, which requires a special tool carried by both members, in case one gets lost or taken.

If a part of the mechanism breaks it has to be repaired or replaced from inside the glove, hence the removable handle. To prevent malfunction the mechanism must be cleaned before and after every major battle by the Siege Guard himself.

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (3/27/2014 4:00:21)

Massive Art updates-
Ice katana(for glacius)
Fire Sword(Igneus)
Lion light staff(lucian)I know its dark,but...
Water sword(Nautica)

I made 3 geoto weapon updates you can see it in my gallery

Lastly-I drew this without an eraser so all mistakes were covered up only by pencil
Geoto Warrior Concept

If you want to go through more art for Geoto,go through my DF Gallery.Just tell what you have selected and give me credit.- DF Gallery

EDIT: Geoto's Berserker/Barbarian UP.

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Geoto Artwork New thread. (4/23/2014 6:13:31)

Geoto's Dragon Shogun Armor- Clicky

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