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Hello fellow form members and welcome to my humble AE works gallery section here by the hearth. I'd like to introduce myself to those who don't know me as DaiTigris. I'm a Digital and traditional artist aspiring to become a video game designer. I love to dabble in many varying mediums when I can afford to.
I hope you enjoy my artwork.

AQ3D:Legend of Lore Monster design contest: Distortian

Holiday themed
Valentines: Love cap Reached! DaiTigris Version

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AQ3D:Legend of Lore Monster design contest: Distortian

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My entry for the Legend of Lore Monster Design contest. I feel like I got carried away in the long run drawing and writing it's description. I think the greatest drawback would be having chosen a design that would have been really really hard to model in 3D. None the less I am still proud of having come of with this design even if it might have not been the most practical.

The original description is as follows:

Classification: Under Earth being
Elemental Affinity: Darkness
Weakness: Light and Fire

A monster that has been thriving for countless century's in the deep subterranean caves of this world. The Distortion was not considered by general populace to exist until a few years ago.

The earliest known mention of these creatures came from the stories miners told of distorted albino figures that ran through the deepest parts of ancient caves on their hands and feet. Most of these encounters where rather hard to describe as the Distortians often fled at the first sight of the light from the lanterns due to their sensitivity to most bright lights.

The Physical build of this monster is at first glance just plain inconceivable. Many wonder how it is even able to move with such a disfigured structure, but the key may lie in its equally nightmarish flexibility. Though it clearly has a skeletal structure it seems as if there are no real limits to keep it from twisting and turning just about any part of its body at will. This gives it keen reflexes that can let it strike from just about any direction. The eye sight of a Distortian though is nearly blind even in the dark it can barely see. Instead it relies on it's sensitivity to sound and vibrations. One of the greatest weaknesses of this strange body shape is the inability to move with any speed. Because of this last aspect Distortion's are ambush predators that will use any part of the environment to their advantage.

Naturally in a cave environment, for example, when attacking Distortians used the advantage of sharp turns in a tunnel for cover. Another tactic is that will wait countless hours in the darkness waiting for something to accidentally tread upon it, once something crosses its path it uses its snake like mouth to grab them. Also it is notable there jaws are exactly like that of a snake down to being able to unhinge and the rows of hook shaped teeth in it's mouth that makes it near impossible for anything to escape once it has closed it's mouth. Naturally it preys among mostly upon other cave dwelling creatures, but it seems to have taken a likening to attacking those who venture unprepared into these deep caves.

However the accounts given by the miners where often dismissed as simply tales to scare their friends. For the longest of time the legends of the Distortian grew in many ranging shapes and forms. The most popular stories often depicted it as an undead monsters brought back to life as part of an army for rock demons or as beings that where cursed with misshapen bodies for trying to steal the sacred gemstones that had been hidden since the beginning of time deep within the secret vaults of the earth.

Naturally these monsters are rarely found anywhere near the surface but within the last few years an odd phenomenon has occurred. Sightings are now often occurring frequently at night around the entrances to ancient caves and abandoned stone buildings. No one knows why they've suddenly come to the surface but there is a range of theories for why. These theories range from dragons driving them out of there nesting caves to the lack of natural prey underground. However there is a growing superstition that something much may be driving these nightmarish monsters to the surface for there own purpose.

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Valentines: Love cap Reached! DaiTigris Version

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Back when Artix made some AE game themed Valentines I had a very interesting Valentine's day. Yes that's right it's story time!

Normally I don't like Valentine's day. There are a number of reasons but for the most part it's never really been a special holiday for me. however thanks to a sneaky sister who knows how much I enjoy these games I actually got to have a very nice Valentine's day. the first thing I woke up to in the morning on Valentines day was noticing the Artix themed Valentine taped over my bedroom light switch. I smiled thought it was nice and clever but little did I know that was not the end. As I opened the door to the bathroom I noticed the Beleen themed valentine hanging up by the mirror. By then I was just beginning to figure out what was going on when I go to close the bathroom door. I turned around to find the Drakath valentine right above the inside door handle of the door. By now I had figured out she had printed all of the Valentine's and most likely hid them around the house. Eventually I made it over to the breakfast table and found the Sepulchure valentine sitting by my breakfast place. By then I knew that the Cysero themed valentine was the only one left but for the love of bacon I could not find it. I looked in the sock basket, the fridge and even inside all the cereal boxes. I eventually found it stashed in the hot chocolate mugs. After that I proceeded to literally sit down with all the valentines to a very heartfelt breakfast

After that I knew I had to do something back for her for being the nicest sister ever. So I took each phrase and rewrote it as "I love you more than...." and hid them around the house in a big old scavenger hunt. Finally I created this image for her as the final prize. However she received a once in a lifetime special version of it that had the word cap crossed out and replaced with; " Over 9'thousand!" ;It was a lot of fun and honestly this is among one of the nicest things that's ever happened in my life.

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