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Vongola the Wise -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (4/13/2014 23:27:27)

They are all pieces of true beauty.

Perhaps make them more renaissance-ish or Lord of the Rings-ish.

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (1/4/2015 14:52:14)

Thanks, everyone! Sometimes (well, most of the time actually) I'm not very satisfied with the way I end up drawing them, but I'm glad you like them. [:)]

@Mr Popcorn: Aw, I like your gallery, but I'm afraid I know almost nothing of Flash and, unfortunately, HS's style isn't really attractive to me. Nevertheless, keep on the good work!

@Skurge: Yes, it's just simple pen and paper (and a lot of corrector fluid, but thankfully, you can't see it here [:D])

@pRopaaNS1337: Yeah, I think the traditional ones reflect my style more closely (that is, putting a gazillion details into it). The problem is I should practice colouring a lot, but I don't because I'm lazy and the only computer I can use for it is constantly being used by my brother and I really don't want to bother him[:D]

@fambred: I always had the idea to make a manga/fan fic out of it (though with very big changes to the story), but it's just a silly thing because I'm too much of a procrastinator to make it work. The most important change would be that the protagonist (The Hero) would be in a guild named Aurea Draconis which, following the appearance of Drakath, take it upon themselves to fight him (in other words, it wouldn't just be one protagonist, but several main characters) ... or something. I'll be posting a drawing of them for fun. I could go on with their names and abilities, but I'm not sure any wants to hear my ideas[;)]

@Vongola: Renaissance-ish or Lord of the Rings-ish? I'm not sure I understand[:D]

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (1/4/2015 14:54:19)

(Preview. Click to see full image.)

Arthur -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (1/4/2015 14:56:12)

Your artwork is really amazing. The facial expressions, the placement, the details, everything.

I'd highly recommend going for a manga.^^

Keep at it, man.

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (1/4/2015 15:10:22)

(Preview. Click to see full image.)

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (2/17/2015 10:30:42)

(Preview. Click to see full image.)

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (2/17/2015 10:50:31)

(Preview. Click to see full image.)

Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (2/17/2015 10:59:56)

@ Arthur:

Well, if I ever did a manga, these would be my characters, who belong to a guild called Aurea Draconis. However, I think I don't have the necessary willpower (nor my tablet T_T) to do a manga, even I'd like to.

About the placement: Actually, I think they're a mess as far as composition is concerned. I sometimes have a clear vision of how to do it, but then my hand betrays and it ends up being more messy than it should be. [:D]

Anyway, thanks for commenting! :)

Kian -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (2/17/2015 11:12:18)


Heartdragon -> RE: Heartdragon's AQW Gallery (4/19/2018 16:34:24)

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