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Top o' the mornings

Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2007: The Blarney Strikes Back!

«Scene: Fields»

«You»: Okay Zorbak, so where is this "Uncle Sham" you said wanted to meet with us?
Zorbak: Bah! Not here yet. Keep your armor together. This is really important, according to him...

«Uncle Sham enters the scene.»

Zorbak: Uncle Sham!
Uncle Sham: Ah laddie, ye must be Zorbak. This is yer representative for Battleon?
«You»: I am! No what is this all about??
Uncle Sham: Why, hasn't the wee blue Mooglin given ye the low-down? My name is Uncle Shamus O'Slayhee, 'Sham' for short.
Uncle Sham: I've just taken full control of the Leprechaun Nation's main source of revenue: the Central Bank of Leprechaunia!
Uncle Sham: And now I am declaring ALL OTHER REALMS of Lore to be subject to Leprechaunia's laws! TAX LAWS, that is. I therefore demand that everyone in Battleon pay me-- er--
Uncle Sham: Leprechaunia-- 40% taxes on all earnings! And if ye do not do what I say, I will wage a war o' taxxor on you all!!
Zorbak: Meh!! RIGHT. You don't scare us. You'd be more likely to bring sexy back before you could destroy Battleon!!
«You»: Well, Zorbak, we don't need to go to war. We could try to negotiate first...
Zorbak: We here in Battleon JUST SAY NO to taxes!! And we use Leprechauns to clean our toilet stalls! Not as custodial technicians, but as the toilet brushes!! Mehehehe!
Uncle Sham: Why-- ye AWFUL little beastie!! UNCLE SHAM WANTS YOU -- to diiieeee!!! We shall attack you with everything we have!!
«You»: Wait a second, Uncle Sham, we ---

«Uncle Sham leaves the scene.»

Zorbak: And good riddance!!!
«You»: Nice job, Zorbak! You just started a war with the Leprechauns!!
Zorbak: Meh-- a little war never hurt anyone.
«You»: ................. You don't like Leprechauns, do you?
Zorbak: How'd you guess?
  • War!!

    What was once the Leprechaun Alliance has become the Leprechaun Nation! When they first appeared over 2 years ago, they accused us of stealing their gold. Now they want to steal OUR gold-- by taxing us! We must battle them all the way back to their rainbow!
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian Shelayleigh
  • Adventurer Shelayleigh
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Clover (left side of war scroll) - Full Heal
    Leprechaun Hat (right side of war scroll) - You get a temporary Leprechaun Hat
    Treasure Chest - Zorbak will join you in battle! (Guardian only)
    Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
    Robina's bow - Robina joins you as a guest. (No message)
    Captain Rhubarb - Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
    Captain Rhubarb's hat - Captain Rhubarb joins you as a guest. (No message)
    Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
    Warlic's crystal ball - Warlic joins you as a guest. (No message)
    Leprechauns - +0.1 Ranged BTH per Leprechaun shot, max of +20.0 BTH (200 Leprechauns). This lasts until you log out.

    To Battle!
    «After 100% of Sham's forces were defeated...»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after each battle
    «You arrive at Leprechaunia's gold vault.»

    «You»: This must be the main vault of Leprechaunia!!

    «Sham enters the scene.»

    Uncle Sham: That it is, rude intruder! Ye have found the BANK AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW!
    «You»: If you didn't attack us in the first place, we wouldn't be here!
    Uncle Sham: If YOU just paid your taxes, we wouldn't have attacked you!!
    «You»: Well, you can't just come out of no where and try to make everyone pay taxes, and not give them anything in return. Maybe if you had a plan, we could discuss--
    Uncle Sham: NO! One day everyone in the world will pay taxes to me! I love GOOOLLLLD more than anything else, and I want it all-- no matter how I get it!
    «You»: Then I guess there is no other option!
    Uncle Sham: Aye!! I'll polish the floor wit' ye!!!
  • Fight!«The vault opens and a treasure chest bounces out. Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: Hurray! We beat the Leprechauns! The Leprechauns' pot of gold is now ours!
    Robina: Check the home page for a list of winners from the pot 'o gold-- you might be one of the winners! Open that treasure chest for more rewards.

    «Click on the treasure chest and...»
  • Get War Reward! - Opens the Past Blarney Rewards shop
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It

    Robina: Now isn't THAT a weird shield. It protects well from magic!
    Robina: Remember-- check the homepage to see if you won some of the Leprechauns' gold!
  • Replay Boss Battle - Repeat 2 BATTLES above followed by boss fight
  • Go Back to Town

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