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cazoof -> Cazoof's totally unrelated Art (1/17/2014 16:20:32)

This is just some random art to show off my art skills:

Here's some actual AE art:

pRopaaNS1337 -> RE: Cazoof's totally unrelated Art (1/21/2014 6:50:18)

I think I have seen many of elements from those pics somewhere. Do you have photographic memory to redraw them? Either way I think that it's not a good thing. Not that I disliked those, but I think stuff like that can hinder your creativity a lot.

Zyrain -> RE: Cazoof's totally unrelated Art (1/21/2014 12:59:47)

This forum is designed for AQWorlds-related art only. Your AQW art is fine to stay here, but you will have to post your other art elsewhere.

Non-AE art belongs in the Legends of Art forum, and HeroSmash art belongs in the HeroSmash Art Gallery forum.

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