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Question Mark? -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (7/17/2014 16:10:41)

This is one of my absolute favorite classes! :o
The art is fantastic, the animations are great, the whole thing is wonderful!
I especially love the costume design! It looks so perfect, so alien! (And I can finally have something that looks like a dress because I used up all of my dragon coins and can't get a gender swap for my male character now)
The only thing I think could be better is the colors! The animation is gray but it's all flat yellows and oranges. :( Something as spacey as ascendant deserves some nebula green and purple, some swirling indigo! Lots of pretty galaxy colors! :)
That's all I have to say about it, really. :P

Wait, wait, did I post in this thread already?
How old is this??? :I

kingyugi4567 -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (7/19/2014 10:30:28)

My Main is Mage and thiis class the art work the attack animation just beautiful i love this class

DFT321 -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (11/12/2014 5:52:36)

Ascendant have a little bug: the back leg appears before the body in some animations. [:(] It's bad for those who want a nice screenshot.
Anyway, I love this class.

PusatShrade -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 0:52:04)

This class is an absolute powerhouse. With the right combinations, it can do some INSANE damage! Definitely my favourite Atealan class.

Death snake1 -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 2:20:34)

I absolutely LOVE this class!! It is one of the things that drew me back into DF when my interest was waning, years back, and I have never lost the love since! It is a beautifully designed,and fun class to work with. The only thing that i want to have any form of criticism over for it, is that there is very little history on it. I want to know about how it came into being, who was the first, who are the other legendary masters of this class. I want more fluff when it comes to it, because I love it SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you staff for making this class, it will stay in my heart for years and years to come!

requiem.exe -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (8/11/2015 11:30:55)

This class is wonderful for nuking things, and a nice look to it too. My only thing is that sometimes its TOO good. idk if that sounds weird, but I like being able to finish my rotation sometimes, and many bosses just...don't seem to live that long. I tend to only use it on longer harder fights, since it makes pretty much anything else trivial. NOT THAT THATS A BAD THING. Its not, I'm just oddly irked by not being able to finish a rotation. I'm weird like that.

Sakurai the Cursed -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (8/11/2015 12:51:18)

Haha, yeah, I know what you mean. I like that feeling of building up your power and unleashing a massive attack that Ascendant gives, so when a boss dies halfway through it's kinda disappointing.

TheFourSins -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/3/2017 1:24:48)

Necroposting, sorry. But little combo for people to do good damage.

1: Aksal (The Staff) +30% damage
2: Telyts (The Dagger) +30 BtH
3: Preis (The Scythe) -25% Fire +Frozen
4: Ageisk (The Book - Chapter 1) a other +30% damage
At this round, you have +30% damage x2 +30Bth And have applied Frozen
5: Ky'Tap (The Wand) You should be doing between 1000 to 2000 damage, depending on your build and luck.
6: Ascend (Ascension) Since you have reach your 5 turns of boost. It will do a other 1000 damage and reset your Bonus!

Then do what ever you want but to get maximise damage, keep that combo in mind :)

Sakurai the Cursed -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/3/2017 16:48:29)

This is a "=DF=" tagged thread so it can be posted in after any amount of time; that's what it's here for. :P

But, your combo needs a little work. Unless you're a very low level, you don't need the extra Bonus from Dagger unless you're fighting something that uses a shield skill. Rather, you should replace that with The Hammer, which gives a further +25% damage. You should also not use The Wand until after the passive is maxed, because each step greatly increases the damage (because it's +5% additive damage per hit, meaning the maxed passive doubles the damage per hit from 25% to 50%). Of course, if the enemy isn't going to survive that long anyway (and honestly, with the damage this class puts out, that's most enemies and bosses ;P) then it's a moot point, but since you're talking about maximizing damage it's something important to keep in mind. Because of this, you have 1 extra turn to be filled, which should be on the first turn so that you still have all of the Boost on Ascend's turn.

So, with all that in mind:

1: Blind (Aksal's Light!) for a blind, or Telyts (The Dagger) for BtH, or Wrath (Tolm's Wrath) for damage
2: Tolm (The Hammer) +25% damage
3: Aksal (The Staff) +30% damage
4: Ageisk (The Book - Chapter 1) +30% damage
5: Preis (The Scythe) -25% Fire +Frozen
At this round, you have +85% damage and have applied Frozen (+90% damage per hit to The Wand)
6: Ky'Tap (The Wand) You'll be doing 1,295% base damage, so with an average ~120 damage that's ~1,500-3,000 damage depending on crits, before elemental modifiers.
7: Ascend (Ascension) Since you've reached 5 turns of boost and still have +85% damage, it will do ~509% damage and reset your passive.

Against truly monstrous bosses which can survive all that though, instead of using Ascend and resetting the passive, you'd want to forgo that and keep it maxed, then you can enter a stable combo of (whatever you need) > Aksal > Ageisk > Preis > Ky'Tap, and repeat.

TheFourSins -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/3/2017 18:07:54)


Indeed, I skipped one boost, thank you for your combo and nice explanation ! And I personnaly like to have BtH, with my luck of missing sure strike .. it is always welcome :')

My main is level 80
- 200 int
- 120 luck
- 50 mana
- 25 health

Ascendant rock :)

Sakurai the Cursed -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/3/2017 20:58:40)

Well, 1 Bonus counteracts 1 Melee/Pierce/Magic or 2 Parry/Dodge/Block. So if you have more Bonus than your opponent's MPM or more than half of their PDB, then you have the maximum hit chance (99%) and adding 30 more will change literally nothing. At level 80, monsters with defenses high enough to overcome your Bonus are very rare.

Aicilespear -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/17/2017 11:59:47)

I'm not level 80 yet, but I plan to make a nuking build for my character with Ascendant. So with INT maxed out and LUK at a high level, I'm not sure how much WIS should I put into in order for the book ch.2 (mana healing) skill to be effective. I don't plan to develop END stat mainly because I'd prefer nuking, and a tanking build would only reduce the effectiveness of potions.

dragon_master -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/17/2017 12:15:11)

Ascendant in several words:
A laggy animation powerhouse.
Yeah. That's it.

SeigusDarkon -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/17/2017 13:10:16)

My only complaint about Ascendant is that it's damage combo deals too much dmg XD. I usually end up killing most bosses I fight on the Lightning bolt or -25 to fire Attack, leaving my burst hit and Final sitting there, all lonely. :P

Sakurai the Cursed -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/17/2017 15:03:23)

@Aicilespear - Personally, I don't find any need for WIS at level 80 (I have 13 WIS just because those are my leftovers from INT and LUK that would add no more damage); your base MP is high enough as is for Ascendant.

Magician Valkyria -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/17/2017 15:27:33)

I love ascendant. Personally I think it's the best armor. I was a dragonmage and then a soul weaver and they just didn't work for me. I love the animations and the overall look of the armor itself.

RusticMetal -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/23/2017 12:10:54)

I'm still not clear about whether its skills only cause -25 fire or if it actually affects all elements, I've seen people saying that it's all elements even though it only says fire?

SilverAngel -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/23/2017 12:20:17)

I think the lower resistance is mainly for The Wand skill. The Scythe applies Frozen, which lowers fire resistance as you know. The Wand does 90% more damage if the enemy is affected by Frozen.

Sakurai the Cursed -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/23/2017 13:40:13)

@Rustic - To make it perfectly clear, it is indeed -Fire, not -All, but it also adds 90% base damage per hit (so 25% x5 becomes 115% x 5, or 140% x 5 if you're at max passive stacks because that works the same way) to The Wand no matter what element you're using.

requiem.exe -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/23/2017 14:14:39)


@Sakurai the Cursed

-Fire, not -All, but it also adds 90% base damage per hit

Which makes for ungodly damage if you're at max passive with a few buffs from your other moves. I love this class for fighting bosses, unfortunately, most of them melt before its done its full rotation.

The design, the theme, the output, even the name! Only thing is I wish we were barefoot and not...hoofed.

RusticMetal -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/23/2017 16:08:37)

No wonder, I always thought that moved seemed more powerful than stated.

I love the hoofs :3 but I can see them not being for everyone.

Dreanix -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/24/2017 7:45:22)

Agreed, That's virtually one of the only improvements I have for the class, fixing up the colour scheme to match the cosmos would suit the class skills much better [:)]

Raphael 777 -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/24/2017 8:02:42)

Orange is nice, but a cool color might look better like nebula green or teal.

RusticMetal -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/24/2017 9:59:33)

I would love to just plain be able to color customize all of the Atalean armors. Cryptic is great, but pink is not my thing, and orange does not fit the character I use as an Ascendant (but no other class fits better/is as awesome).

Vanilla Icecream -> RE: =DF= Ascendant Armor Discussion Thread (1/24/2017 10:34:03)

I still wish we had that cosmic design like Isiri, but the class is absolutely my favorite.
It has hardly ever failed me (like, once with the manaphages), and was the reason I could finish the Doom Amulet in one go.

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