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XSpectreX -> Spectre's Gallery (1/20/2014 13:51:53)

Hey all, here's some stuff that I've made for AQWorlds!
Illustrator Stuff
Archangel Heavy Plate + Rest of Archangel Set

Hand-drawn Stuff
Archangel Light Plate
Angelic Mail
Legion Hunter
Cyris Knight

Hopefully more to come soon!

N0rgalad -> RE: Spectre's Gallery (8/16/2014 4:42:50)

I love the details on these! Keep up the good work :)

Kian -> RE: Spectre's Gallery (3/12/2015 11:52:13)

Does the Legion Hunter have an accompanying helm? I love how it looks, but the hair is a bit off for me [:D]

bruextian -> RE: Spectre's Gallery (5/12/2015 12:06:25)

I feel very motivated with your art mate. Why? It reminded me when I first started doing some AQW armors and stuff. My works were worst. My shapes were bad, details are to rough, plain old boring design patterns. My designs were limited. I didn't come here to bash you my friend but to give you handy tips that might help you. Despite the absence of beauty and impact, I didn't stop. I draw and draw every single day. I started learning the basics of shapes, different design patterns. I even took a very long look on Nulgath's armor designs to learn his style. Then slowly I started to realize things I didn't know possible. My imagination reservoir improved.

First I suggest you you get a copy of AQW armor templateAQW armor template for you to practice on. Then study shapes, and designs. Study your desired style. Be it Nulgath or Dages. Learn from them and improve :).

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