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xxxromanxxx4 -> LUCK- omiter (1/25/2014 17:06:54)

the idea is that there will be a device on during battle that will measure the amount of luck you have (doing various calculations) and if your luckomiter reading is greater than your opponents (you were more lucky than them) then it will reward you with the same. If the reverse is true then it will reward you more

Note: this would effect the amount received for losses - and would be capped

The luckomiter would record: turn skips, critical, deflections, blocks, rage blocks and deflects ect...

An idea for the caps could be up to 2x the normal amount.

Ranloth -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/25/2014 17:12:51)

So... we nerf luck by making things even more lucky, and less dependant on stats - as it should be? How does this solve anything? There is NO issue with the luck/probability in ED, but rather how broken the effects themselves are, which as the result, makes players furious when these effect occur.

Let's screw the probability, and stat improvements - I can rely on base stats, hope my opponent gets lucky and I'll get back at them by doing absolutely nothing but abusing my way through! After all, they got "too lucky", even though their Tech/Dex is +80 higher than mine.

Not supported.

dfsfbsdfhbsdfsfd -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/25/2014 21:36:36)

Think this is more of balance but anyways im kind of neutral. Its a bad idea because of what TRANS said it would be nerfing luck. On the other hand its a good idea because it would introduce new types of builds. It all comes down to what is more important which i would think is nerfing. So therefore

Not Supported

Mother1 -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/25/2014 21:53:39)

Not supported for the reasons Trans mentioned.

DarkDevil -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/26/2014 8:00:04)

you can't control luck.

its just about the effect themselves as trans said.

as long as any chance is more than 0% luck will always exist.

Stabilis -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/26/2014 8:43:00)

You guys might need to reread Roman's post.


Note: this would effect the amount received for losses - and would be capped

There is no mention of getting luck to be more or less probable, instead he wants players to get different rewards after battle- conditional on how much luck was involved. Not too shabby in my opinion.

dfsfbsdfhbsdfsfd -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/26/2014 17:22:08)

Dont know if this is random but how is there luck on a computerized game. Maybe coincidence would be a better term.

s0u1ja b0y -> RE: LUCK- omiter (1/26/2014 19:06:33)

Not supported. Having higher stats would be meaningless.

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