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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= One Story Ends, Another Begins (1/28/2014 12:05:35)

This short storyline has been a very enjoyable trip for me, and hopefully for you, ever since I began writing it two years ago (when The Veil was first released). My intention was to create a new storyline for our Lvl 100+ players to embrace and enjoy, one that gave them a unique experience from other storylines and offered them an opportunity to save the universe as no ordinary hero can. And never has that been so true than with this Friday's release!

A brief recap: At the conclusion of Ultimon IV, you beat your way through Ultimon's powerful army of boss-level monsters and defeated his ultimate champion, the Shadow Storm. Ultimon then surprised us all by killing himself in front of you for seemingly no reason, with the insistence that his true plans had yet to be implemented. And this week, you will see the results of those plans! Unfortunately, I can't give out too many details about what's to come here as I want the final reveal to be a surprise. But I think it will very much catch you off-guard to learn Ultimon's true reason for muddling around in the deepest, darkest recesses of the shadow universe....and it will pit you against a threat more powerful than The'Galin himself!

This release also features two new rewards: the Twilight Mirror item which was suggested by Aura Knight ( the winner of the "Army of Shadows!" item suggestions contest), and a second reward (only available after winning a challenge battle) that has been highly demanded ever since the Ultimon storyline first began.

Some of you may be distressed that this storyline is ending so soon, but I encourage you not to worry. After all, we have many other stories yet to tell in 2014. To that end, I'd like to briefly mention next week's release. Next week will feature a release you've all been waiting for, for a very very long time. A classic rivalry will at last be revived from the annals of history, and given my own.... unique brand of treatment. You know me, I like to add a little spice to old rivalries, and this one will be no different.
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Are you prepared? You'd better be, because you will want your faction to win this war. You will want it very, very much.

2014 is just getting started, everyone. BattleOn!

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