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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 13:09:29)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! Starting this week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: All things Chronocorrupter

Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the various versions of the Chronocorruptor armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • kors -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 13:20:42)

    Ah... The one Calendar class I do not own/will not own. It certainly looks cool, but I just never got the Calendar that year.

    Midnightsoul -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 15:28:28)

    It's not very effective. It's HP and mana regen are not that great and it's damage is weak. I've just stored away for safekeeping and never used it again after Ascendant was released and when I got Doomknight and Timekiller.

    I prefer if everything got buffed. Also, it's crit buff should be changed to a damage buff. There's no point once a Chronocorruptor is in a high level. Like compared to Chronomancer, Chronocorruptor is no match.

    firefox6717 -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 15:31:16)

    The class itself is amazing. The skills are pretty good it's big hitter does quite a bit along with the age skill. It's MP and HP heal leave a lot to be desired though. All in all it's a very good class that I use to solo regularly. Would love to see a staff or something to go with the class and base sword.

    Therril Oreb -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 15:32:09)

    I have it and I love it. It isn't as strong as his predecessor the Chronomancer but certainly as fun and you shouldn't underestimate this class.
    It can dish out a lot of damage in a short time by abusing the time powers of the triple attack, the cannon, the turn skipper and repeat. Not to mention you can reset cooldowns fror spamming it double time.[:D]

    Necro-Knight -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 16:05:08)

    I enjoy the class, it's the only chaos we've ever seen in DragonFable, and Tomix did a wonderful job of transferring it over. It's damage isn't exceptional, but what the skills themselves can do is powerful if you can use them right. Took me a little while to get it down, but I think it's good the way it is. ^^

    RamDF -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 19:55:55)

    I believe it is offensively stronger than Chronomancer while defensively weaker. I enjoy using it but rarely use it. The only thing is that Chronocorrupter doesn't really have any particular type of boss/mobs it excels against when compared to many of the upper-tier classes like Cryptic, Ascendant, Riftwalker, KA, enTropy, Pyromancer, Dragonlord, Soulweaver etc. Without the calendar, I wouldn't have bought the class but without the class I wouldn't have bought the calendar so I'm ultimately quite happy with my purchase of Chronocorruptor (though I would have so preferred saving up my purchase for Timekiller rather than Chronocorrupter - Timekiller seems much better and maybe too much so).

    ergotth -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/2/2014 20:49:57)

    actually I believe the chronocorruptor can also be associated with the Void, it DOES look a lot like void creatures, expecially Nythera in her void-shenanigans =)

    Now, damage-wise, I do enjoy how the skills work, their effects and of course, Tomix's wonderful design and animation...I just dont fancy the body design in that armor, I'd rather look human under those plates and gears xD

    (set hint: the Florai weapons from aria in wanderland saga fit the armor perfectly)

    Captain Kuchiki -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (2/4/2014 13:50:03)

    Definitely a great class, the only gripe I have ever had with it was the deformity of your form in said class. Kinda annoyed me how there wasn't a complete armored version like Chronomancer but eh, definitely one of my favorite classes.

    tthorn4 -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (4/6/2014 15:50:30)

    My main gripe is that the staff really just does not care about this class. At all. How long did it take to get all the heals right? And the gender bug? And the flipping grey cape on the male when no cape is equipped? It is just disgraceful!

    Windstar -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (4/6/2014 16:29:03)

    This is the most ugly class armor out of all the armors I have ever seen in Dragonfable.
    I think this is a very sucky and very weak class compared to the other calendar classes that we got.
    I have it on one of my characters, but I never liked to use it because of how weak and ugly it is.
    I really wish I could replace it with Chronomancer, because Chronomancer is one of my most favorite classes in the game!
    I think that Chronomancer has alot better power and so much better skills than what Chronocorrupter has.

    tthorn4 -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (4/6/2014 16:51:25)

    I am afraid I must disagree with you on it's art and strength. The art itself on the class is top-notch; it very much shows the pitted, otherworldly, and, well, corrupted feel of the class. The power level is quite nice in of itself, it just falls short when compared to power classes like the Riftwalker or Ascendant.
    I do believe that it can beat a monster into the ground faster than a Chronomancer simply by straight damage. Blink, cannon, scratch, fast forward, repeat. Is it as well-rounded as CM? No, it was never intended to be. It is an offensive class that just lost the limelight when the next big thing came out.

    Xanaomin -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (4/7/2014 17:41:16)

    Personally, I love the chronocorruptor class. I never did like it's looks too much... but that's something I've outgrown. Especially when I gave it a tophat.
    My my, ol' chap, might I interest you in a bit of time corruption?
    Also, I found it great powerwise. Blink is absurdly OP, especially when it crits completely AND gives a second turn. I've stayed at full health/mana through practically every quest, just because I can oneshot pretty much every monster with blink, then skip to regain that mana. If, by a small margine, they manage to survive, and I don't get another turn... I can just use the heal and finish them off at the same time.
    It's nice and powerful, but not overpowered either. Keep it as is.

    Flamehead 12 -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (4/7/2014 21:15:39)

    being nonDA holder and having this class I love it. use it all the time. but it does get annoying when I cant read a speech bubble because it wasn't written in tht a cronocorrupter floats 2ft higher than a normal character
    but all in all its better than my base warrior class and easy to get to being in my backpack 4stars

    Zealwrath -> RE: =DF= Chronocorruptor Discussion Thread (7/12/2015 13:55:31)

    i played chronocorrupter and i gotta say it is really good since it pretty much balanced in my opinion.
    it felt stronger then chronomancer when it comes to offense but it is weaker when it comes to defence in my opinion.
    though it kinda sucks since i don't literally own the class due to my aqw and df acc being on a different artix account so i couldn't link the two so i had to play on my friend's account

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