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Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (12/9/2015 2:59:33)

Shadow Ops (Colored)


Army of Shadows in colors. I had to finish it some time!

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (12/15/2015 4:43:24)

Spirit Warden's Dragon


A painting from 2013 featuring TM

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (12/26/2015 4:04:14)

Vanilla Ice (Cream) Katana


The legendary Vanilla Ice Katana

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (12/31/2015 18:04:26)

27 Faun


Mythical 50

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (12/31/2015 18:11:27)

The Emerald Friend of Kara Sulema


Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (6/25/2016 15:18:33)

Ascension of Serenity


Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (7/9/2016 22:23:27)

Blazing Serpent HT7000


Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (7/20/2016 1:45:47)

Frozen Tooth FZ100


Shiny_Underpants -> RE: Rander's Vision (7/22/2016 6:20:32)

Your stuff is all very good. My favourite would have to be the 'Vanilla Ice Katana', although 'To Steal the Colour' is a pretty close second. I also like the 'Thunderbird'.
Just watch your facial proportions a bit; there should be about the same distance from the chin to the top of the mouth as from the top of the mouth to the region between the eyes.
Good work, keep it up!

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (7/28/2016 17:07:48)

Oh, I've never heard of that proportion before. Yeah sometimes I wonder if the chin is too small on my drawings. Thanks for the advice and feedback!

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (8/2/2016 12:57:37)

Crescent Sky SDII


The gun held by the Shadow Ops.

Shiny_Underpants -> RE: Rander's Vision (8/4/2016 4:23:36)

That's because the proportion is only a rule of thumb. Faces are bloody annoying; they're a mass of complicated proportions, none of which are strictly accurate. Sometimes the slight changes you make will work; sometimes it'll just make the face look weird.
Faces are very distinctive features, and it's very hard to get them right. Even if there is some slight confusion with the proportions, your faces look distinct from each other, which is definitely a plus. :)
Crescent Sky looks pretty neat. When using it, though, the center of gravity would be quite far in front of the handle, which is odd for a pistol. Still, hard to use weapons are not unheard of- it makes them harder to use against the wielder.

Sorry to spam your gallery a bit.

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (9/30/2016 0:15:04)

Oh, man I gotta visit this place more often. Sorry couldn't reply sooner. Yeah faces are annoying [&:]. I always have to readjust my sketches. Sometimes I need to wait a day without looking at my sketch. This way my eyes kind of reset and I get a refreshed view on my drawings. Thank you very much for the tips though, I appreciate it.

Crescent Sky is unbalanced, because the I wanted to fit all the engravings. And speaking of unbalanced weapons, look at the one in the next comment. It drives me off balance just by looking at it. [&:]

Rander -> RE: Rander's Vision (9/30/2016 0:17:32)

Sunlit Sky SD4


The shotgun held by the Shadow Ops.

Steel_King -> RE: Rander's Vision (1/17/2018 23:28:08)

Well, it seems you may have moved on to brighter things. If you return though...
I love both Thunderbird and the Vanilla Ice Katana. The colours on the Katana are so... clean, and the lines seem effortless. Thunderbird looks fantastic for it's fairly accurate proportions and awesome detail. Great job.

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