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Veil -> Eco_Veil (2/14/2014 10:38:25)

It's Just a Simple Raw Sketch and what else... Tehe~

Veil -> RE: Eco_Veil (2/14/2014 10:55:11)

This is my first set for my album i called it
"The Successor of the Moon"
Well then... lets check it out XD <<< Half Moon Reya <<< Moonlight Regal

If i got any idea, i will gonna add this stuff up :D

Please feel free to add feedback!

Blynx -> RE: Eco_Veil (2/16/2014 21:57:13)

I have to admit, the second one would make a for a neat character

Veil -> RE: Eco_Veil (2/22/2014 0:15:58)

Okay XD but i thought the first one look more better because the "floating moon" thingy hehe~ (that's the vital point for that character)

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