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Eukara Vox -> Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions, Round 4 (7/21/2014 15:44:06)

Welcome to the L&L forum contest "Here's How We Roll". I am sure many of you shook your head and questioned just what they meant. Well, I came across an interesting game/teaching tool months ago and decided that it would make a fantastic forum contest for the creative minds. The game is called Rory's Story Cubes. Essentially, there are 9 dice, each side having a random, completely fascinating, strange, common or fantastic element etched into it. When rolled, 9 combinations of elements show themselves. The object of the game/teaching tool is to tell a story using ALL 9 ELEMENTS. And trust me, there are some WEIRD combinations out there.

The object of this contest, whether you are entering as a writer or a visual artist, is to create a story or piece of artwork that uses the elements given to you. The writers will be required to use all 9. PyroPuppy will choose the 5 elements the visual artists are required to use. You will have a month to create this magic. At the end of the month, a poll will be put up and all the stories and visual arts will be put in one thread for voting. The readers and viewers will be able to vote on the best entry. While you are doing that, the L&L staff will be busy making our own observations.

Two winners will be picked each round, one writer and one visual artist. Each will receive the forum title "Here's How We Roll Winner" to sport until the next winner is chosen. We will have a compilation thread where all winners will have their works displayed until the end of time.

Below are the rules and guidelines for each category. If you do not follow all guidelines, your submission cannot be considered. The L&L staff suggests that you take advantage of the resources here to fine tune your submission. For the writers, that means putting the story in the correct Archive forum and a discussion thread in the discussion board. If you've not done this before, no worries, the staff here will help you figure it out. For the Visual artist, put your artwork in your gallery and ask for feedback. If you don't have a Gallery yet, no problem. Just make one!

For the Writer:
  • No more than three pages on word or approximately 3000 words total.
  • All elements must be a part of the story, not just mentioned. They must play a part.
  • Story must be appealing, creative and attention-catching. If it is a bunch of concepts thrown together, it will not be considered.
  • The rules of grammar, spelling and proper writing is a must. No exceptions.
  • No incorporating other forum or game members. All characters must be originals.
  • If it is a fanfic, fanfiction rules apply, whether it is an AE fanfic or other game/show/movie/book fanfic.
  • Comprehensive rules must be obeyed.

    For the Visual Artist:
  • The size of the image should be no more than 500,000 pixels. That means you can arrange 500,000 pixels in any arrangement, as long as there are less than 500,000 (e.g. 1000x500, 700x700, etc.)
  • Please link to the image, don't post it directly.
  • All elements must be visible clearly in the image and be easily recognized.
  • No plagiarizing.
  • Comprehensive rules must be obeyed.

    Everyone is welcome to join, even staff. So, don't be surprised if you see an Archknight, a Moderator, an Admin or a game developer drop a submission in. But, be fair. Just because they have some big bad position, doesn't mean they will win!

    So, here is an example of what you will see at the start of the contest:


    The dice have been rolled!

    Writers, here are your elements:
    weighing scales
    magnifying glass
    shooting star

    Visual artists, here are your elements:
    shooting star
    magnifying glass

    Good luck! You may need it.

    Please use this thread to post your submission only.

  • Eukara Vox -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (2/22/2014 21:08:20)

    Round 4:
    a Speech
    An Abacus
    An Alien
    A Question
    A Letter
    A Semi-Satisfied Person
    Listening to Music with Headphones

    An Alien
    An Abacus
    a Speech
    Listening to Music with Headphones

    You have until August 11th, 11:59 PM server time.

    Dragonnightwolf -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (8/1/2014 1:20:42)

    My entry

    afb728 -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (8/1/2014 18:48:24)

    Atealan Women

    I think everything is there. I also think I got the size right, but I can't say for sure.
    Anyway, I had fun doing it and can't wait to see other submissions. 10 days left!

    EDIT: I finally looked up the correct spelling of "Atealan", changed the title to reflect it.

    Marcuz Larkz -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (8/5/2014 5:48:45)

    Alien Ambassador

    bruextian -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (8/10/2014 10:07:41)

    Alien Regimen

    Rander -> RE: Here's How We Roll Contest Submissions (8/11/2014 23:31:02)

    Save the History!

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