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Trollok!!! -> Drawings of a Trollok (2/24/2014 10:00:36)

Drawings of a Trollok

Welcome! You may think Trolloks are too dumb to draw...well not THIS one! :P

Please leave any constructive criticisms regarding my work. I am not the most creative person in the world so I may not often do drawings myself. However, if by chance you think I'm up to it, feel free to PM me with requests to draw up YOUR ideas! :D

Sorry if the picture quality is bad; I lack a scanner so I have to rely on my phone's camera for this stuff. If there's real difficulty seeing things, please let me know so I can run the picture through PhotoShop and fix it up a bit.


1. Boagi the Serpent
2. Titanic Turtle
3. Aspid - Requested by salene

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (2/25/2014 20:47:14)

Attempt at drawing my character suggestion for the Water Element Contest (It was a writing suggestion but art is fun, even if I stink at it :P).

Boagi the Serpent


Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (2/25/2014 21:00:47)

Might submit this as an Art Suggestion to be in two categories for the Water Element Contest. Again, I'm no artist so bring on the criticisms so I can improve :D. The shell was a real pain <.<

Titanic Turtle


Skurge -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (2/26/2014 20:16:11)

Boagi the Serpent looks like a cool hybrid between a frogzard and snake. [8D] Would be neat if you colored them!

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (2/26/2014 20:28:55)

Glad you noticed the head wasn't snake-like :). Considering he was supposed to be based off a more mythical type of creature, I decided to make his head shaped like a T-Rex's. But I guess it may have ended up looking more Zard-like xD. That's fine by me since it fits Lore better.

I thought of coloring them but I figure I might make them look worse than before :/. But I can run them through PhotoShop to preserve the originals I guess :D.

Thanks for the comments :)

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 13:41:34)

A request by one of the finalists for the Water Element Character Contest, I present salene's majestic Aspid! I know, I stink at drawing trees and the shell could use some more tweaks but this is what I've got for now:



Jmagician -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 13:47:36)

You make some crazy designs for turtles and reptiles in general! . . .the trees look fine to me :P

Keep up the good work! Awesome designs [:D]

Gorillo Titan -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 13:47:42)

Wow could you draw my character Captain Rheins?

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 13:52:12)

@Jmagician: Thanks for the input :D

@Gorillo Titan: Sure thing! But I have to warn you, as amateur as my current drawings are, my depictions of humanoids are the absolute worst! But I do relish a challenge so I shall try my best :)

Redingard -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 14:45:30)

Aspid looks very similar to Torterra, so I give you quite a few bonus points for that. Pretty good, even if you say you are an amateur. Keep working, and you'll consider yourself to be good one day.

(Also seeing your interpretation of Crayon the Summoner would be pretty cool)

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/7/2014 16:34:56)

Glad you liked it and I will definitely keep working to improve myself :)

And again, drawing humanoids isn't a strong suit but challenge accepted! :D

salene -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/8/2014 1:08:31)

OMG I love it SO much! If I somehow manage to win, you can have some credit! That is absolutely beautiful, and I wish I could have included it earlier. Thanks so much, and I hope you know how much it means to me!



Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/9/2014 8:18:44)

Glad you liked it salene :). And no, if you win you deserve ALL the credit; this was just a simple take on your remarkable story entry xD.

Megadragonknight -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/9/2014 10:19:17)

Just 1 simple sentence, amazing artwork!

Trollok!!! -> RE: Drawings of a Trollok (3/9/2014 13:38:01)

Thank you for those kind words mate! Remember, if you ever feel my skills are good enough for your creations, feel free to ask and I'll try to set aside time to draw it :).

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