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Nerd Sage -> Nerd's Resurface! (3/5/2014 18:15:05)

Hello everyone, I am Nerd Sage
I was on the forums a long time ago, back when I went by sanddemondude. After a several year break (mainly to let my art improve), I've decided to return to the place that made me love art in the first place. I'll try to post when I can, and am always open to critique! (Also sorry I don't have a set up gallery or anything, this is my first time back in a while)

Nerd Sage -> RE: Nerd's Resurface! (3/5/2014 18:17:14)

This might work! Trying to remember how to forum XD
This is a WIP of a manticore!

Rander -> RE: Nerd's Resurface! (3/9/2014 4:24:47)

Oh you have a gallery too! Your art skills are great and very detailed too! Are you planning on coloring your work?

P.S. Welcome back to the forums!

Nerd Sage -> RE: Nerd's Resurface! (3/9/2014 16:43:42)

^ I never really liked coloring too much, took a lot of time plus I like the contrast of black and white. Also thanks, It's good to be back to the place where I learned most of my skills :D

Update on the Manticore: Paws are evil

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