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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 19:54:15)

Hiya DragonFablers!

This week we are back to community discussions about all of the DF armors!

This thread: All things Riftwalker.
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Riftwalker armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • Blade5 -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 20:06:24)

    A very powerful class for any warrior to use from farming kills to boss fights. Go Riftwalker [:)]

    Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 20:13:09)

    I honestly only have two problems with Riftwalker.

    1 - It's kinda...ugly in my opinion. A nice work of art, but as far as outfits go; it's not to my taste. Then again, I do happen to be incredibly vain when it comes to gaming.

    2 - Despite it being a Warrior upgrade, it lacks that simplicity that I love warrior for. With all it's boosts 'n stuff, it's not really complex, but like I said; it lacks that nice simplicity.

    Other than that, I love the class, it's efficient. Good for long boss battles as well as quick kills.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 20:15:21)

    Riftwalker epitomizes, in a sense, the best and the worst of DragonFable's combat system.

    On one hand, Riftwalker is an amazing Class. Its animations are simple but beautifully executed and its Skills do a wonderful job of reflecting what a higher tiered Warrior is like. The Class is also balanced fairly well since it is capable of incredible damage, but only for a set period of time, and its defensive options are relatively poor. It is a glass cannon through and through, and it does not pretend to be anything else.

    On the other hand, Riftwalker's offensive capability has- despite all the costs that offensive capability comes with- made other Atealan Classes seem less appealing by comparison. Ascendant and Cryptic are both amazing at what they do, but neither of them are quite as capable of dealing immediate, on-demand burst damage like Riftwalker- a quality that makes Riftwalker excel at Farming and generally tearing through Quests.

    This has the unfortunate downside of making Riftwalker the Kathool Adept and SoulWeaver to Ascendant/Cryptic's DragonLord, enTropy, and Pyromancer. It is likely an unavoidable consequence, but one to be lamented all the same.

    The Odor -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 21:03:27)

    Faerdin: Huh. Intresting I have played all three quite a bit and except for farming Volty/PVP Trophies/single enemies I generally find Riftwalker being only as good or slightly worse then Ascendant, due to better Multi and being able to last a bit longer (if you are farming bosses for gear or something).

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 21:08:51)

    Ascendant is superior to Riftwalker by far in fights that are more drawn out or require Blinding, but most fights are short enough that Riftwalker can breeze past everything it comes across. The shortness of its animations and the power of its Skills are just too much for Ascendant and Cryptic to compete with as Farming Classes.

    @below: Compared to other Farming powerhouses like SoulWeaver and Kathool Adept, Riftwalker's animations are actually pretty short. The only real exceptions are its Multi-Attack (Which is powerful from the start of the battle, which justifies the slowness) and its Final.

    lightriftwalker122 -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 21:14:15)

    @ faerdin i think riftwalkers animations takes too long but thats me. i like the animations though there cool i think its a good farming class good for volty. i like opinions they help a lot

    Azan -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 21:29:44)

    Like Fae said, it just breezes past everything it comes across. It's my favorite class for most quests because of its capacity to deal immediate and overpowered damage, but incredibly weak in defense and no regeneration at all - which is really fine, because if it had incredibly high defense it'd just be overpowered in everything and that would be quite boring.

    So, really, the perfect armor for short fights... and in wars, it's like a gift from heaven for those who do not have DmK.

    AugustoCP -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/9/2014 22:03:29)

    Best glass cannon ever. 'Nuff said. The Water Gate quest was incredibly annoying because of the two Riftwalkers I had to face, which damaged me a lot despite the fact I dealt with them quickly.

    Talion -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 0:59:57)

    Mediocre defense and no healing.

    ...but honestly do you actually need that when you hit this hard? [;)]

    Extremely efficient against bosses that you need to take down fast, and against single monsters.

    Only down side : Farming war waves is a little bit slow because of the lack of multiple-opponent fighting capacities.

    I suggest that the Multi spell's damage would be increased to 200%.

    Nice animations----|Mediocre defense
    Fast animations----|Realm Change's def bonus is 100% useless
    Extreme damage--|No healing
    Cool combos ------|Poor multi-enemy capacities

    Seelkamoon -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 10:58:00)

    I really like riftwalker,but cryptic and ascendant have increasing abylities while the riftwalker haves the decreasing boost (rift cutter).it's not fair!

    Dante Redorigin -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 12:37:25)

    Riftwalker is my go-to class for my main, using the Power skill can shred through just about any high HP enemy with one use. The combos are good, and some of the other skills can still boost damage even as the Rift Cutter bonus wears down.

    Problem is, it does wear down, though I guess that's to offset the damage dealing :P And on a minor note, it is still the only one of the three Atelean classes that doesn't load wings or capes whatsoever.

    Warmonger Starsaber -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 13:50:31)

    A very unique class that I enjoy using for it's power and quick animations. I use it when I don't want to be so OP with my DmK and sometimes for wars.

    mikes101 -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 20:20:51)

    I played Soulweaver until those two Riftwalkers annihilated me in the Ocean Gate quest, and I've played riftwalker ever since.
    I think it's very powerful, but I find that there's still some challenge with long, drawn-out fights due to the decreasing boost.

    An excellent Farming class, I went from level 56 to level 60 in three days.

    Azan -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/10/2014 21:51:17)


    the riftwalker haves the decreasing boost (rift cutter).it's not fair!

    On the contrary, it serves exactly the purpose of RiftWalker. Cryptic and Ascendant start the fight with 5 boost, RiftWalker starts with 20 boost, so it can deal immediate damage with a better boost. And the longer the fight is, the weaker RiftWalker becomes. Just like the glass cannon it is.

    Enflame -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/11/2014 0:34:10)

    One of my favorite classes. Good for quick farming and mowing down waves, especially bosses.

    Conadetrion -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/11/2014 11:45:38)

    Riftwalker is my favorite class by far. It does awesome damage and ive nevr had a problem wit it. But to my knowledge I don't think there is a female version to this class. If there isn't then the df team should base it off ov AlzEin's outfit. Or make a lot more sleeker then the male version. I think that would cool

    Rukaji -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (3/11/2014 22:40:54)

    Definitely one of the best classes out there and for right now, it's my favorite ^^. The damage you can do with this class is ridiculous sometimes and even most bosses go down quickly. It is very great for farming and grinding - great damage with decently short (but fancy) animations. You can lose quite a lot of power quickly too, but most enemies die before then.

    The defensive capabilities are short to none, but the sheer damage evens that out. The only thing I would change about this class are the colors, but that's just me :p. Oh, and the arm sometimes gets in the way of text bubbles :(.

    The Dark Slayer V -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2014 13:25:36)

    I very much enjoy the class. Its animations are personally impressive and the whole idea of interdimensional swordplay sounds appealing. Although with such a broad range of possibilities they could have gone much further graphic wise. Its one of the few non op armors that I can easily beat DmK in pvp with almost assuredly. While im not hitting 900-1200 with my basic atk on DmK its my go to armor for pretty much anything that I dont have to rush through or murdassinate. I like the whole "Dark" theme so the armor, while color wise appealing, could do with some more....mystical influences. Particularly a helm that would reskin you to appear as one of the red horned gray skinned people in the Inn down in book 3 ravenloss 2nd room i believe. Something to give off that "I Posses a large deal of dark power and understanding of how to kill you in the most painful way possible" feel and look. Still waiting to get the actual sneegion sword that the armored guy on the homepage has...not that knockoff hehe

    Lemonus -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2014 13:55:14)

    Yep, Imbue + Power pretty much rips through a boss' HP like butter [:D]

    Dragonman -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2014 14:19:02)

    I recall someone saying it was a glass cannon. Riftwalker is, indeed, the glassiest of cannons :P.

    133spider -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/26/2014 17:13:44)

    Although I LOVE the high hits I can do with Riftwalker, I don't like the appearance of the armor itself =/
    If I were to rank this class I would put it second to best against DmK

    kartron -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/26/2014 18:22:32)

    pretty powerful armor, but i mostly use it for farming [:D]

    Chazero -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/27/2014 5:41:48)

    The only problem I have with it does not have to do with its abilities in combat. It's the way it appears in cutscenes. Sometimes in close-up shots during cutscenes, our character's arm is in front of the text bubble missing a few possibly very important text. And I am not the type of person to run through a quest all over again with a different class that kills slower just to see a few lines of texts that only have a chance of actually being important. Other than that, it's great.

    Ichiyama22 -> RE: =DF= Riftwalker Armor Discussion Thread (6/27/2014 21:01:02)

    Riftwalker is by far my favorite class, because it does exactly what I always want to do in RPGs. It dishes out maximum damage in minimal time. Yeah, it's lacking in the healing/defense department, but usually, a Riftwalker can take out any opponent before receiving too much damage. It's the perfect glass cannon.

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