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4-Leaf Space Clover Cure

Location: St. Patrick's Day Event '14 --> Missions --> Pot O' Gold
Objective: Congratulations! You found the rare 4-Leaf Space Clover and cured your Leprescythe virus. Also it looks like you found a lot of gold!
Requirements: None
Release Date: March 23, 2012

  • Infectious Leprescythe
  • Lucky Guardian
  • Crazed Leprescythe

  • Braddock Steele
  • Nurse Helia

    Braddock Steele: Glad you could meet me here, <You>. This is where the Leprescythes are concentrated.
    Braddock Steele: There's a pot of gold out there but you'll need to wade through the Leprescythe hordes to get to it.
    Braddock Steele: Head toward the vortex and grab your gold!
    Braddock Steele: I could crush 'em, but I'm giving <You> a chance for the gold

    (After battling Infectious Leprescythe:)
    Braddock Steele: Whoa, what happened to you, <You>? This is where the Leprescythes I was chasing were headed.
    Braddock Steele: You smell like those evil Leprescythe and your hair's a funny color.
    Braddock Steele: Also, what the heck are you wearing?
    Braddock Steele: Report to Nurse Helia immediately!!

    Nurse Helia: Oh, NO, <You>!??! You have been in close contact with Leprescythes!
    <You>: Yep, just defeated on in battle and something... I don't know what happened, but I - well - just look at me!
    Nurse Helia: PHEW! You stink! You've got to find a Four-Leaf Space Clover immediately! It's the only antidote!
    Nurse Helia: The only place they grow is a closely-guarded secret. The Lucky Warriors know, but they won't tell.
    Nurse Helia: There's nothing I can do for you. Nothing! It's up to you and Braddock.
    Nurse Helia: If Braddock managed to capture a Lucky Warrior, he might know where the Clovers grow by now. Hurry!

    Braddock Steele: Ah, you're back, <You>. Nurse Helia called while you were heading over and filled me in.
    Braddock Steele: I was able to capture one of the Lucky Warriors are he volunteered some info about the Clover field location
    Braddock Steele: Head inside that mound, and at the back there's a door. The Guardian may or may not be there...
    Braddock Steele: ...so be careful. Get through the door and follow the wall to the well. You should see a small patch of Clovers.
    Braddock Steele: Just find a 4-leaf one and get out of there!

    (Equip Temporary Blade Clover Leaf Cutter)
    Lucky Warrior Guard: None shall pass!
    <You>: Oh, please let's not do this... I'm in a hurry...
    Lucky Warrior Guard: And why should we care? This ain't yer lucky day...
    <You>: *Sigh* ...here we go again...

    (After finding 4-leaf clover:)
    Braddock Steele: Glad to see that clover worked. I had my doubts, but I'm glad I was wrong.

    Rewards Shop:
  • Leprescythe Shop

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