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TheOfficialC7 -> TheOfficialC7's Sketches (3/27/2014 16:36:17)

Just wanted to give out some preview of what I'm drawing, Lel... That pretty much all I have to explain for now. I also don't have any ideas
of names for my drawings as well. I can't draw humans/people btw, bad at it.

My Dragon Sketch - Btw.. This wasn't suppose to be a dragon, but somehow .. It actually turned out to be one.
Click Me
Dragon Sketch #2
Click Me
Final Dragon Sketch - Darken In the out lines & kinda shade a bit.

Random Sketch - Sorry.. Went lazy drawing the legs & the foot, I would change it.
Random Sketch #2 - Started to trace my drawing in adobe flash professional. (Sharpen Picture)

I would precipitate feed backs of my drawings.

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