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Voodoo Master -> Gemini (3/30/2014 11:25:59)



Location: InspecZion

Quests given

Shops owned

Gemini: .......
Gemini: Are you all right?

Gemini: Are those your papers?

Gemini: Hmm...
Gemini: Ah, there we go! Eddie Crimson.
Gemini: Hmm... Temporary leave due to food poisoning inducing amnesia. Cause: ate Dumplings's food.
Gemini: Oh, I see.
Gemini: Well if Dumplings was the cause, you're lucky to have gotten away with only amnesia and a bit less colour in your cheeks.

Gemini: Dumplings used to live here in Swordhaven. You could say he has a reputation around these parts.
Gemini: The Chefs of Swordhaven dubbed him the worse aspiring cook to have ever lived at the time.

Gemini: But quite possibly true. As funny as it is though, I doubt you are here to listen to me all day.
Gemini: Just stay there and keep still while I run the scans. Initiate Magic Scan.

Gemini: Good. Initiate facial recognition scan.

Gemini: Oh, Stan! You're a funny one. Don't worry, Edd. Stan was only joking.
Gemini: Looks like you're all good and clear to go. If you would wait a moment, I'll open up the portal and...
Gemini: Oh, hello Mr. Z!

Gemini: Just finishing up Edd's inspection Mr. Z. I was about to send him off to Espina Rosa.

Gemini: It's true Mr. Z. I have it on Edd's record right here. He ate some of--

Gemini: Mr Z, please!

Gemini: Sorry about that, Edd. Mr Z has his cranky days.
Gemini: Good luck, Edd. I'll send a word to Espina Rosa that you are on your way.


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