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The Rules of the ED Q&A Forum

  • All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
    These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums. They apply everywhere; this means that any behavior prohibited by the Universal Rules is prohibited in this forum. This means no flaming, no trolling, no spamming your signature or emoticons, and no mentioning hacking.

  • No Game Account Questions
    If you detect an issue with your ED game account, please use the Help Pages to resolve the problem. Calling attention to the issue on the forums does you little good because forum members are not equipped to help you on these matters.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    If your question is covered by the Frequently Asked Questions thread pinned to the top of the forum, then please do not ask it.

  • Build Request Template is encouraged
    Though not mandatory, the Build Request Template is highly encouraged when you are requesting a build. Filling out the template will provide whoever will be helping you with necessary information about your character. Without such information, it will be more difficult to assist you.

  • Limits on Discussion
    Since this is a forum dedicated to fielding and answering questions, there is little room for discussion. Unless the conversation directly relates to the original question, please restrict discussion to ED General Discussion or PM.

  • No Duplicate Topics
    If your question has already been asked, there is no need to create a duplicate thread on the same topic.

  • Thread Titles
    When you are posting a thread, be sure to choose a thread title that reflects your question. If it is along the lines of, "Help!" or "????," it is considered spam and will be treated as such.

  • No Hijacking
    While duplicate threads are not allowed, please do not use someone else's thread to ask your own questions. If you feel that your question has not been sufficiently answered by an existing thread, simply create your own.

  • No Soliciting
    Soliciting is defined as asking for something from someone. In the case of AE, that something would be membership or secondary currency in any of its games. As far as the forums as a whole is concerned, soliciting in-game benefits will not be tolerated.

  • No Spam
    Spam is anything that is not directly related to the topic at hand, as well as any additions to a post that are deemed superfluous and unnecessary. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Do not comment on the thread if you have nothing else to add to the discussion.
    • Do not post off-topic replies which does not contribute to the topic of the thread.
    • Do not post petitions, polls, ratings threads or surveys as those are not valid for Questions & Answers.
    • No bumping of older topics (or otherwise known as necro-bumping) which has not been posted in for more than fourteen days.
    • Do not use image tags in your post; instead, use links for your screenshots.
    • Do not post video links.
    • No oversize fonts, unnecessary/blinding color, or posting in all caps.

  • No Hacking Accusations
    Though safeguarding the integrity of the game is appreciated, public accusations of hacking is not the proper method to do so. Instead, please contact an in-game moderator using the "Report" function. Regardless of how legitimate your claim might be, public accusations will not be tolerated.

  • Staff have final say
    Membership of this forum is a privilege, not a right. Membership only guarantees the ability to access them. Trolling, harassment, or any other rule breaking will result in varying degrees of punishment (though some violations result in automatic bans). Staff have the final say in the issue, and disagreeing with them in anything other then a private, respectful manner will be considered not only harassment but trolling. If you have issues with moderation that has occurred the correct actions to take are:

    On Answering Questions:

    Please only answer questions if you absolutely know the answer to them. Guessing at an answer just creates more problems and confusion. Also remember that we were all new once, new to the forums and new to the games. Responding to questions with kindness and understanding is not optional, but mandatory. Any replies that do not act in accordance to the policies outlined in this thread will be removed - some without notice, some with penalties including official warnings.

  • The Game -> RE: =ED= Questions & Answers Forum Rules (4/21/2014 20:49:00)


    Constructive Criticism

  • What is it?
    Constructive criticism is being able to process and offer your own thoughts and opinions in order to give courteous and friendly feedback. This is done by explaining what you like and dislike, while at the same time providing feedback that is useful. This is what separates constructive feedback from ranting/complaining and flaming.

  • Does it help? How?
    Yes! Constructive criticism helps because not only are you giving feedback about what you don't like about a quest/event, but you're also giving feedback about what you DID like in the quest. Feedback could include on such topics as statistics, more dialogue, more explanatory cutscenes, more fights - everything that quests or events would normally include. This gives the game staff a better idea on future improvements.

  • Example of Constructive Criticism:
    "I didn't partularly like this war because it felt too empty. To have made it better, I think the staff could have had a 50% cutscene to unlock rather than just a shop to progress the storyline. As it was, I personally was a little dissapointed that this war felt more rushed than previous wars, however I do understand that the staff had a lot on their plate when making this release.
    That said, I greatly enjoyed the boss fight, the animations and art fit perfectly with the song that was playing in the background. So while not one of the best wars DF have done, I still enjoyed it. Thank you, DF staff!"

  • Example of Unconstructive Criticism:
    "I didn't like this war at all. What were the staff thinking? The items in the shop were ugly, overpriced and were bugged!! No cutscene? That was never done before and it is not how it should be done ever. Seriously, doesn't the staff ever listen to us?! The boss fight was too hard and took forever to beat :( And there was no sound. I dont think the staff even care anymore. Best war ever /sarcasm I hate this game D:<!"

  • The Game -> RE: <b>=ED= Questions & Answers Forum Rules (4/21/2014 21:01:54)

    If an issue arises within the EpicDuel Q&A (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), the following is a list of individuals to contact. If you wish to report threads in violation of the rules, you may contact any ED Q&A ArchKnight. If you have an issue with an ED Q&A ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator. In the absence of the head moderator, please contact the associate moderator. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Scakk and/or [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Zyrain.

    ED Q&A Head Moderator

    [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Battle Elf

    ED Q&A Affiliated Moderators

    [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Mecha Mario

    ED Q&A ArchKnights

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Digital X
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Exploding Penguin
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