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About Apathy: Apathy was created for those who want in game community without drama or an abundance of regulations. We are for the casuals, the people who play AQW as a way to kill some time and relieve some stress and pretend that they are a knight/wizard/rogue/mage/super epic ninja mecha blademaster for a little while. The only rules are that you try and help out other members with bosses and other tough content so that everyone can advance and keep your drama out of the guild.

Requirements: The only requirement to join is that you log on fairly regularly. We may not be trying to tackle ultra fights everyday or rush everyone to 60 but we do want active people, despite our name. A good attitude will ensure you remain in the guild.

Ranks: Ranks are based entirely on loyalty and participation. Those who remain and are loyal will advance, those who don't will not. It's that simple.

Website: TBA

Forums: TBA

Voice Comms: I have access to several Ventrillo and TeamSpeak servers for those who are interested in chatting while we smash keys 1-5 in game.

Primary Servers: Artix (when it's not lagging) and Yorumi



Guild Leader




Other bits: Right now it's just me but I am on everyday don't mind playing healer and am willing to help with any fight I have access to. Feel free to IM me in game if you want to know more about the guild. I like meeting people.

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