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Falerin -> =AQ, STORY, ART, DEV= The Battle Royale is Coming (4/29/2014 17:32:23)

If memory serves me right… with these four words opened the most epic of battles.

Such began a throwdown to match all other throwdowns.

So massive and and epic a juggernaut was this battle that spawned it nearly a dozen variations, and has been watched in well more countries.

No not the Olympiad…

Iron Chef!

Iron Chef and its colorful US, dubbing introduced a generation to the benefits of combat by sous vide, to death by immersion blender, to jousting by kebab, and to unimaginable torture by ice cream machine.

Iron Chef has impacted Japanese, and world, culture with its colorful take on haute cuisine.

Their quest was the same every episode to determine the answer to life’s most ineffable questions.

Life? The secrets of the universe?

Of course not!

They tuned in to learn “Whose cuisine reigns supreme!”

Lore has its own ineffable questions, some of these have been examined in the past, back when AQ did not use to have design notes.

The Beast Hostilities, are coming however, and today we DO have design notes and so in the profound tradition of other AE design notes we can provide teasers, content, and hints for future content.

This post is the first.

Watch here and via social media for upcoming teasers for future content that answers a different, more Lorian, and in my not at all humble opinion more profound enigma.


Falerin -> RE: =AQ, STORY, ART, DEV= The Battle Royale is Coming (4/30/2014 14:40:48)

I find this picture quite mooving.


Falerin -> RE: =AQ, STORY, ART, DEV= The Battle Royale is Coming (5/2/2014 16:30:16)

A Rivalry as old as... right this second.


Falerin -> RE: =AQ, STORY, ART, DEV= The Battle Royale is Coming (5/5/2014 12:25:25)

Some dialog teasers now:


Elton Tann: Hi, I'm your host Elton Tann. To my right is color commentator Chenji Sakaimoto and to my other right noted guest naturalist Suliban Filigree.

Chenji: That's right folks, Bucknoose, [...], Carpendter and the mysterious and unseen Chairwoman Apia Tagehi-Kasuta, have set their armies against the unsuspecting Darkovian populace.

Elton: Darkovia can never catch a break.

Suliban Filigree: Clearly they need better real estate agents.

Chenji: Which reminds us. This weekly war is brought to you by Kabak realty.

Elton: Kabak realty, he likes to rhyme but he will save you big time.


Muttoncutlet: In fact no more aquatic puns whatsoever. They are all wet... Doh!


Scion: Way to throw me under the cart, Abode.


Erebus: My posterior is well armored. For the moment you attend to issues here. As what is occurring here must not be allowed to proceed.

Drakath: The war against the Brilhado? What concern have you in that matter?

Falerin -> RE: =AQ, STORY, ART, DEV= The Battle Royale is Coming (5/5/2014 12:46:15)

And one more art piece:


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