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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Iz Mah Howse! (5/11/2014 17:04:09)

Back in September of last year, we asked you, the adventurers of Lore, to donate to the Nyanited Way charity. And you did not disappoint. You raised over 643.9 billion gold to help the Nekos find a new home! Remember, we promised the following rewards in exchange for your donations:
  • A Neko-themed Log Cabin
  • A Neko House Guard
  • "Enchanted Grove" estate item
  • A Neko-themed quest revealing the adventures of the Nekos as they try to locate a new home.
  • A Neko "mini-town", showing the Nekos living in their happy new home.

Over these last few months, we have been searching for a place to build that home, and we think we've found a great place! It's a nice little place, quiet and out of the way, situated next to Black Lake. And since you were such a big help, I figured you might want to tag along and see the wonderful spot we've picked out for the new home of the Nekos!

This week, play through a brand new quest which will introduce some brand new faces, and set the stage for the release of the Neko city in the weeks to come! We have been working hard to make this release a real treat for you, since you worked so hard to raise all that gold. Hopefully, you'll be quite pleased with the results! There should be something for just about everyone here.

But if kitties aren't quite to your taste, don't worry. I have plenty of other surprises in store as the year continues. I hope that you'll all join me in trying to make this year another great one for AQ!

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