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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Clash in the West! (6/3/2014 21:30:45)

For years and years, the West has burned....

Entire kingdoms have been wiped out, and countless lives have been lost as the four remaining major kingdoms in Lore vie for control over the western lands. And while people point fingers in all directions as to which kingdom is to blame, one thing is certain: they have all sacrificed too much to be declared the "loser" of this eternal war.

And so, when Tyranna offered what seemed like an opportunity to end things in a relatively civil manner, each kingdom jumped at the chance. But the tournament failed to end the war, as no one was willing to accept the results. And so they have waited, each faction building up their armies and waiting for someone to cross the line.

This week, that line is finally crossed as a village in disputed territory is burned to the ground, and each side blames the other.


Join the fray this week as Stormfallen and Deren face off against the forces of Rennd and Granemor in one of the largest wars in AQ's history! This week's release is by far the largest war I've ever written, and its script length is second only to the Knight class itself, so you just know that whatever happens, it's bound to be BIG!

Which faction will emerge victorious in this great conflict? You decide! But be warned, as each side will surely do and say whatever it takes to get an edge. A single misstep could cost you and your kingdom dearly. So battle on, brave knights of Lore, and bring glory to your kingdom!

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