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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 16:14:55)

Hiya DragonFablers!

While many may think that the ultimate armor in DF is DoomKnight, many more still crave the challenges of a good fight using our dragons. So, this week the class discussion will be all about the: All things DragonRider Armor

Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the various versions of the DragonRider Armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • Azan -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 16:58:01)

    Its defensive skill is probably the best in DF. Nothing passes through.

    Except that, I have to say it's way underpowered. The new skills would be great to play with, but we can't due to that bug where no matter what you choose, the dragon gets the orignial skills. That needs a fix. The only really good attack is Primal, which is sadly not available for non-DAs, making it impossible for my secondaries to defeat SMUDD or Titan Wargoth.

    DJ9K -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 17:18:45)

    @Above: Unfortunately Wargoth gets through its defense skill....

    I must say that DragonRider is fun to play with, but it feels so underwhelming, almost... boring.. to play it. While the fights have to be fought strategic and carefully, it lacks that kick you get out of on-foot fighting as something like SoulWeaver or an Atlean class. It doesn't need to be flashy or anything, but it feels like the class as a whole is bent around 6 skills... that means 9 skills rarely or never get used. Sure almost all the skills 'can' be used and 'can' be useful.. but why bother when it's so much easier and more effective to just lower the enemies elemental defense than either breathing or primalling them to kill them, and setting up defense to heal and regain mana when the chance arrives...

    If you don't have primal it can be a lot more challenging, and other skills, such as blind, become more important. But even than.. I honestly feel like the class as a whole needs a complete change.

    Sneevillord -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 18:49:17)

    it does really need an update, with a class that 'should' be as awsome as DR its a bit of downer

    dragon_monster -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 18:54:13)

    more quests were we can use it

    DarkLore -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/7/2014 21:36:45)

    It did get an update ages ago Sneevillord. There's just a bug that won't let us use the new skills.

    zaffyxtr -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 9:28:32)

    DragonRider class needs some new effects. All attacks are repeatedly same with biting or breathe attacks. And yet just feel like there should be free classes too in general. Make soulweaver free and master soulweaver da only or make a captain class and make pirates free.best games are free games. People who're about to start gets too frusturated every time you see that dragon amulet symbol. This lore definetly deserves a bigger fanbase. Let them have some fun too. Sorry to bother you. I'll get my da soon too tho since i love the stuff you're making. I'm a little bit in pinch on money for now [:D]

    hidan_orochimaru -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 12:43:01)

    @Azan:I am non-DA,but I have already defeated SMUDD and Titan Wargoth many times,I don't think they are impossible for non-DA players,unless they are at a low level.

    As a non-DA I have not much to say about Dragonrider,since the possibility to use it for me is limited to a few quests.But I can say that it is pretty good class for defense,and after the update it's got better offensive skills (and good animations).This,combined with the primal skills has made it one of the most powerful classes in the game.It is a shame the new skills are bugged now and can't be used.

    Also,there must be more Titan fights for DA holders,after all,they paid to use it.

    Talion -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 15:29:49)

    New skills : totally perfect. Good animations, power perfectly enhanced, healing skill is (at last!) decent for the enormous amount of mana it consumes, and the stun attack is finally worth using. Two thumbs up!

    Old skills : A big "meh.." for offense, pretty decent defense though.

    Somehow my new skills disappeared from the game. Is it a known issue or did I do something wrong?

    Lemonus -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 16:11:30)

    Yep, calling it impossible for non-DA holders is an exaggeration. I never had trouble with the story Titans as a non-DA. It might take a bit of luck and patience, but they are very doable.

    Kgenius611 -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 16:24:37)

    @Talion It is a known issue. Some bug caused it and most people are asking for a fix.

    Bamzalot -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/8/2014 20:18:42)

    Oh Dragon Rider... Why can't my dragon just be powerful for once? Instead, he relies on healing me to tank damage for him which usually never happens anyway.

    This would be a great class if that bug wasn't still around. The 2.0 DR skills are amazing! Powerful, flashy, and useful. But the older skills that we can currently only use, eh...

    Sir Todd -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/16/2014 4:19:40)

    I found the old skills quite dull. It made Titan fights a bit boring. And I didn't really know a proper strategy so I would always win by the skin of my teeth, if I won. Still haven't unlocked primal skills or beaten Titan Wargoth because of how bad I am.

    Haven't tried the new skills yet. I didn't play during the time they were released and the time of the bug that stopped them. Everyone seems to like them though, and the DF fans haven't lied to me yet. Yet.

    Artezza Trigger -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/16/2014 6:19:20)

    I love the DragonRider. Its one of my favourite aspects of DF, being able to summon a Titan Dragon to fight in some sort of kaiju-esque fights. Thinking about it makes me want to look for games to fight giant creatures.


    Haven't tried the new skills yet. I didn't play during the time they were released and the time of the bug that stopped them. Everyone seems to like them though, and the DF fans haven't lied to me yet. Yet.

    Here they are if you want to see them.

    Vilmor -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/16/2014 8:00:49)

    The new skills are A- MAZING! the new skills with the new primals go perfectly with eachother!

    squirrel -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/16/2014 9:29:21)

    what are the new skills? is that the option at elise to change from old to new I think i did that, now stun hits 2 and has 100% chance of stunning, with dragon breath being 2 hits and final hit being 4 hits

    Roxas45 -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/17/2014 4:38:27)

    Just did the quest to unlock the Fire Primal Skill.
    I was expecting a bit more, honestly.

    But the overall class is just great :) Especially with the new skillset.
    Makes the fights a lot easier.

    1girlhousefan -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (6/17/2014 20:20:50)

    The new skills look great (haven't had a chance to use them yet), old skills are more defensive, but we have the new ones. There aren't all that many dragonriding quests.

    Super Bat ZX8 -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (9/21/2014 16:17:58)

    I've only recently got back into DF a few months ago a lot has happened so I'm behind on a lot of things. Is it possible to equip ANYTHING as a DragonRider?

    DarkLore -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (9/21/2014 16:22:36)


    NagisaXIkari -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (9/22/2014 3:41:47)

    I think a better question is Dragonride PVP a thing?

    mahasamatman -> RE: =DF= DragonRider Discussion Thread (9/24/2014 10:20:07)

    The "new" skills are very sufficient, to my opinion. it is just what the class needs, and a bit more. there is no reason to update it.

    what we really need is a few more powerful bosses to test the class against.
    Some more quests in which we can really use it to the fullest, not only in the end of Sagas, against super-bosses.

    the class was created for super-boss fights, but if the AE team want us to talk about it in other terms...
    what we really need...
    is a way...
    To run the class against Akira.

    i survived 42 rounds with dragonrider against Akira (using a bug during mogloween that enabled that), and it was AWESOME. i really wanna do this again.

    on the other hand- as mentioned, the class is supposed to be a super-boss-fight class, and be saved to such occasions. it is ok. it is not meant to be similar to the other classes.

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