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Jorath -> Teramax (6/19/2014 6:12:36)



Location: Earth Primal

Quests given

Shops owned

???: Who disturbs this sacred place?

Teramax: Why are you here soft one?

Teramax: You are not strong enough now? Those that guarded the entrance here were no match for you and they have repelled other invaders.

Teramax: If you had the patience of stone you would not feel as though you needed this so quickly.

Teramax: *sigh* Very well. I will allow this only if you prove yourself through the *grinding rock noise*

Teramax: As you would call it, a "trial by combat". If you can best me in battle I shall allow what you wish.

Teramax: It is done.
Teramax: You have bested me and you may commune with the Shard.

Teramax: Leave now.
Teramax: Do not reveal this resting place to anyone else or I will revoke my gift.


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