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Jorath -> Flamdus (6/19/2014 6:30:38)



Location: Fire Primal

Quests given

Shops owned

???: You will not defile the artifact of my Lord!

Flamdus: How dare you come here! This power is not meant for mortals such as you!

Flamdus: ENOUGH!
Flamdus: You will not touch the Ember of the Fire Lord!
Flamdus: I'll incinerate you for your insolence!

Flamdus: Enough, I yield.
Flamdus: Just take the Ember and go. I could not stop you and have failed my Lord.

Flamdus: You would use this power to oppose those that cause destruction? To help preserve the balance?

Flamdus: Very well. I will...allow this.
Flamdus: This Ember holds a great power, as dangerous and wondrous as the Orb of Fire. It will provide you with what you desire.

Flamdus: There, you have what you need. I shall remain and continue to perform my duty.
Flamdus: In return for granting you this power you must never speak of this location to anyone.


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