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Mana Wand

«100% proc Magic Fire Wand, Mastercraft. Regenerates MP.»

Also see Aether Wand, Quintessence Wand, Akasha Wand

Location: The Dragon's Maze!
Level	105
PowLvl	105

Price	221020
Sell	110510

Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage	11-27
BTH	13

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
BR%	186.8	
Stat%	356.9
+BTH	13

After the attack, the weapon restores some of your MP*. This is unaffected by stats and damage modifiers from your equipment.
MPRegen	43.56-87.12

*The illusion disintegrates, restoring you «MP Amount» MP!

This wand is made of one of the Mana Dragon's shed horns. Warlic crafted it into a powerful magical focus that can conjure and illusion of the Mana Dragon to restore some of your MP!
Basic info and image thanks to Dragoon23. Stats thanks to In Media Res. Correction thanks to DarkDevil.


November 17, 2013: The weapon was released.

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