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Dragonic1 -> The forest of Ryphtine Discussion (7/11/2014 15:43:47)


and welcome to the thread where you can post your opinions, and any other comments, to my story, The forest of Ryphtine.
I will fix the chapters from time to time, but, if I have still mistakes, just say, and I will fix them as fast as I can.

That story is about two young, Ethan and Sofy, who are "incidentally" from different realms what are "incidentally" enemies.
Their story begins actually when they discover, that they aren't so different. Their destination is the same: the mystic forest of Ryphtine what is long lost, hidden in the illusion. The two have to face many dangers, pass many magical, mystic realms, places infested with the black magic... good and bad people.
In their journey they will discover the mightiest artifacts from the Land Of Seven Stars.
But, some troubles are bound to those artifacts, in that story.

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