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Lord Barrius -> Reminder About the Purpose of GBI and Constructive Criticism (7/24/2014 23:52:09)

"The staff hate my choice of build because they don't agree with me!"

No, we do not.

We've noticed a growing trend of threads whose premise seems to revolve around this concept that the staff are mean, spiteful people who are looking to take all of your cool stuff away, and that we only do it because we're personally biased against your choice of build. This is not the purpose of GBI, and it's not the purpose of AQ GD, either.

GBI is a board that exists for us to get genuine feedback from players about potential balance issues, using good hard mathematical proof to back your case. It is not a dumping ground for soapboxes. If you post a thread here without mathematical evidence, and we disagree with you, it's not personal, and it's not because we hate your build. It's because you didn't put forth enough evidence to prove your case. Next time, make a solid effort to gather all of the data before making your thread.

Similarly, AQ GD isn't a soapbox arena either. You need to follow the forum's rules regarding constructive criticism, and under no circumstances should you attempt to devolve a conversation into yet-another build-vs-build argument. That sort of behavior is against the rules, as you're effectively stirring up an argument and/or slandering staff for no real reason.

Please remember that AQ features a wide variety of builds and strategic choices for a good reason: because we want to encourage diversity in play. If you have a balance concern, that's one thing, but it's quite another to make it sound like we're purposely out to get you. Please follow the rules so we can avoid this sort of unpleasantness from now on.

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