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Can't Wait to be Undead!

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Haven » Mind if I explore the town a bit? » Click on the Town Circle» Click on the Neko Armory (building on the extreme left) » Got any quests? » Sure!

«Scene: Animal Graveyard»

«You»: This is horrible....
Leo: Yes, and perhaps now you can see why I say that it cannot possibly be natural. Animals do not normally congregate to die in such a violent way.
Leo: And I can smell something in the air. A strange presence hovers over this graveyard.
Leo: Be wary, «You».«Several black-furred Nekos with white faces enter the scene.»

«You»: Looks like we have company.
Leo: I recognize their scents. These Neko have been missing for some time.... but something is different about them. I sense something is wrong.
Leo: What are you all doing here?
Neko: We can't let them discover the Master's hideout! Get them!«The Necronyancer kneels, defeated. A Lich enters.»

Neko: M-Master....
???: It seems that your powers were not sufficient to defeat these nuisances.
Neko: Forgive us, Master.

«The Lich removes the soul from the Necronyancer. The lifeless body of the Necronyancer collapses to the ground.»

???: In death, all is forgiven.
Leo: How dare you! Who do you think you are?
Ryn the Undying: Who am I? Well, I suppose it has been many years since I was last seen, so you would be forgiven in not recognizing me.
Ryn the Undying: I was once known as Ryn the Undying, one of the most powerful liches in all of Lore.
«You»: A lich?
Ryn the Undying: Indeed. A lich of many years, in fact. I became a lich in ancient times, when we necromancers drew upon different resources for our powers.
Ryn the Undying: As such, when the Necromancer Order lost their powers, my own power remained.
Ryn the Undying: And now that there is a void in the order, I have come back to fill that void.
Leo: What do you need my brethren for?
Ryn the Undying: Your kind are rather adept when it comes to magic, and you're quite easy to lure with promises of new powers and gifts. You will make ideal servants in my army.
Leo: It is true that our kind is still quite naive to the ways of the world, and we are quick to embrace any source of learning.
Leo: But you are abusing that zeal for learning to turn my kind into mindless servants! And that I will not allow!
«You»: What he said. This ends now.
Ryn the Undying: If you wish to be ground under my heel, then by all means, try to fight me. But you cannot stop death!
  • Battle with Leo's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice:»Leo: It seems that the creature is vanquished.
    «You»: Perhaps. Perhaps not. The problem with those who wield necromancy is that they rarely like to stay dead.
    Leo: I see. Well, if that creature should return, then we will be ready for him next time.
    Leo: It seems that our kind still has much to learn. And though we are eager, we must be careful not to lose ourselves to evil.
    Leo: Hmm. I see that my fellow Nekos have some items that have been corrupted by that creature's magic. I dare not use them, for fear of what I may become. But perhaps they may be useful to you?

    «The Necronyancer Goods shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Necronyancer Goods

  • Katar of Undeath [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • Corrupted Flora Shield [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

    Monster list thanks to In Media Res. Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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