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Shiba -> RE: Spells - Read the first post! (2/24/2017 2:26:15)

And where do we buy them? Or are they an update to the actual existing spells, like a toggle?

popinloopy -> RE: Spells - Read the first post! (2/24/2017 2:42:43)

The updated versions are added to the shops of the original versions.

ZumaChaosReborn -> RE: Spells - Read the first post! (2/24/2017 10:58:56)

I don't know if this is the right place to put it in, but the Arctic Tornado (and possibly Destruction Burst) are bugged; I only have the ones with the HP cost, but:

Arctic Tornado does damage based on the element which takes less damage.
Creation Burst works normally.
When I fought a Tropopause Tyrant (0 to fire and 90 to darkness), D-Burst dealt fire damage (0 damage). When I fight Ziragat (-200 to darkness and 120 to fire), D-Burst does fire damage.
I think Cysero's Explosive Booth works normally. Please check the code on these spells.

EDIT: Against a Shadow Wolf, with 85 to Energy and 100 to Water, CETB dealt energy damage.

I just tested all of these and they're all working properly for me? ~IMR

EDIT2: I just logged in and logged out, spells are now working properly.

Immortal God -> RE: Spells - Read the first post! (2/24/2017 10:59:23)

There are also new descriptions for them.

Explosive Teleport Booth-

Most people would use booths for telephoning, Cysero uses them for teleporting! This spell calls Cysero to you via either riding the lightning, or riding a wave of water! This spell is stronger than most, so mortals will pay a price to wield this power!

Arctic Tornado(Its the same but without the end of it)-

Unleash nature's most intense wind storm tempered by the extreme cold, allowing you to hit with the deadlier of Wind or Ice damage.

Creation Burst(Same as above)-

The powers of creation will hit the enemy for the deadlier of Earth and Light damage.

Destruction Burst(Same as above)-

Unleash the powers of destruction, dealing the more powerful of Fire or Darkness damage to your foe!

Thread locked. New thread coming up. ~Carandor

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