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Fujin no Shukufuku

«Wind shield. Mastercraft; can increase Dexterity by spending some SP.»

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Location: Bridge to the Sky - Quest for the Fujin Set
Element: Wind
Level	150
PowLvl	153 MC
MPLvl	152
Price	24205166
Sell	12102583

Melee	+13
Ranged	+14
Magic	+14

Wind	-26

During your turn, if you have at least 34 SP, then you can click on the shield and spend 34 SP to activate the DEX Drive*. This increases your Dexterity by +50. During your turn, you can click on the shield again to deactivate it**.

*The divine winds empower you, making you more nimble!
**The divine winds cease.

Receive the ultimate blessing of the winds! This increases your defences and Wind resistance, and by spending a bit of your energy you can increase your Dexterity! (Guardian Only)


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Description, image and additional thanks to Carandor. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.


July 11, 2014: The shield was released.

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