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Custodian Orb

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> 2 Down Right -> Right

Quests given

Shops owned
Baltael's Aventail (Shop)

Custodian Orb: Well hello there! You look just like the type of chancer I'm looking for!

  • Libraseum?
    Custodian Orb: Yes, a bit of shambolic mess in there right now. Dare say yonks was the last time the place had a good dusting.
    Custodian Orb: The chap in there still needs a tick before the place can open.

    Custodian Orb: The Libreseum is open! Loremaster Teka is inside now arranging the shelves and exhibits.
    Custodian Orb: As time goes on, more books and items will go on display.

  • Artifacts?
    Custodian Orb: Come across a lot of scrap on your adventures, don't you?
    Custodian Orb: If you're very lucky, sometimes you might find something pretty wicked, and old. An artifact.
    Custodian Orb: If you do, bring it to me and I'll have it restored and ready for use in a jiffy! Blooming things haven't been used for donkey's years.
    Custodian Orb: Once restored though, you will find them enhancing some of your abilities.


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