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Ranloth -> =ED= Storyline Suggestions (11/1/2014 23:30:22)

With the growing Guest Team, we will be also looking for the creative players unleashing their skills and coming up with some pretty cool stories! Instead of having tens of threads with different story suggestions, one neat thread makes it easier for us to go through, and easier for you to edit your posts or create a new one, without your old ones being buried!

1) Suggestion Forum Rules apply.
2) Your story must fit into the ED Lore, therefore, it must follow the Official EpicDuel Storyline.
3) Ideally, should follow the Mission Format, located below:
[b]Mission Chain Title:[/b] (name of the mission chain)

[b]Chain Number:[/b] (number of the mission in order)

[b]Mission Title:[/b] (name of the mission)

[b]NPC:[/b] (who will offer the mission)

[b]Mission Type:[/b] (NPC, PvP, Challenge, Collection or Purchase)

[b]Mission Start Text:[/b]

[b]Mission Turn In Text:[/b]


4) Include the link to your EpicDuel Charpage.

Remember, posting your suggestion does not guarantee it will make it in-game. Has your suggestion been chosen, the story may be subject to change whilst crediting the original writer.

Note from One Winged Angel1357:

Just wanted to say that if you don't see a character in the official story that doesn't mean they are a blank slate. Most if not all characters have been used in missions which can be used to craft their personality. Furthermore battle text and world text are also used in the creation of a characters personality so make sure to check out the NPC page on the Wiki or just fighting the character a bunch of times and reading their battle text.

Tagged, edited, bump, and added a note from OWA. ~Mecha

Fregbind -> RE: =ED= Storyline Suggestions (1/5/2015 19:17:48)

Hello friends! I was bored, so I created this little mission chain. It's more likely a normal mission chain than a continue of storyline...
I want to say sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or something like that... Try to ignore it at least while reading.
It took me around 2 hours or so to give that all together... I don't mind if you refuse this, because it's not storyline...Just a mission chain suggestion.
Hope you'll like it. Thanks for possible feedback.

So here we go :

Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:1

Mission Title: Starting test

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: Purchase

Mission Start Text: Hmm... So, #CLASS do you really think that you are able for this? I have to do so much of testing and training with you, to see if you are able to continue to the end.
First of all, go buy me some tomatoes. I think 3 will be enough...Why? Because I am hungry but, I'll save 1 tomato for you, in case you fail in my mission I'll throw it to you. Hank should have some. What are you waiting for? Go!

*Player will have to buy 3 tomatoes and bring them to Titan*

Mission Turn In Text: Alright. Let's see if I'll need that one tomato.

Reward: 200 Credits


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:2

Mission Title: Testing your intellect

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: NPC

Mission Start Text: Krampus Technician need another wrench. There's a man in wasteland, his name ends with a letter "S". He will give you that tool. Bring one wrench to Krampus Technician.
*Player will go to Ulysses who'll give him a wrench, and he'll have to bring that wrench to Krampus Technician. Krampus will tell "Oh, new wrench... Thanks! Did Titan send you? I thought... Send him a thanks from me!"
*Player will go back to Titan to complete quest.*

Mission Turn In Text: Well, You did it... So I can eat that one tomato... Thank you for being successful cause I'm getting hungry again.

Reward: 500 Credits


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:3

Mission Title: Testing your skills

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: Challenge

Mission Start Text: Okay hero. I have to test your skills, just to see if you are able to continue. You know who Caden is right? That scoundrel getting me mad... Go fight him. He is stronger than you think. One of the best tech mages here! If you will be able to beat him, you are ready for the next mission.
*Player will have to kill Caden*
*Player will return to Titan to offer completed mission*

Mission Turn In Text: Okay... There are few more tests before the final exam.

Reward: 1000 Credits


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:4

Mission Title: Testing your patience

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: PvP

Mission Start Text: You have to get stronger and earn some more experience... If you defeat 15 players, you'll be prepared for the next mission.
*Player will have to win 15 PvP battles*

Mission Turn In Text: It took so long though... Here, go try a luck with an Arcade Token.

Reward: Arcade Token


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:5

Mission Title: Testing your observation

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: Collection

Mission Start Text: I'd like to see your observation, because in battle, you have to notice each detail. I noticed some flowers in Biological Preserve that are hard to notice. There are 3 flowers. Bring me them.
*Player will have to find 3 flowers. These flowers will be very hard to find. Up to developers where flowers will be.*

Mission Turn In Text: Hmm... Looks good enough... Now, last mission before the worse...

Reward: 300 Credits


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:6

Mission Title: One more training

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: Challenge

Mission Start Text: So, you passed a testing... Now, challenge me and we'll see if you are ready for the worse!.. You have to defeat me.
*Player will have to defeat Titan*

Mission Turn In Text: Alright... You are prepared and it's better than I thought.

Reward: 500 Credits


Mission Chain Title: Only For a True Hero!

Chain Number:7

Mission Title: Decision

NPC: Titan

Mission Type: Challenge

Mission Start Text: Well... After that everything, what happened to Silas, he's about a revenge... This won't bring anything good. I didn't want to tell you about this, but so many soldiers dying... They are trying to keep Silas trapped but it's getting worse... I didn't want to make Delta Vault concerned. It'd be horrible if people knew about this... We have to stop Silas ASAP! I was waiting for a comrade like you for a long time, and there's not time left... We have to do it now!
*Player will have to challenge Silas, Titan will be his partner in duel.*

Mission Turn In Text: Awesome work hero! Without you it couldn't be possible... Silas got rage and drained big power while he was planning a revenge... Here is your reward!

Reward: I suggest any achievement or something. Not any with so much points but you know... Up to you.

And yes... developers will need to make Silas challenge able... But as I wrote at the start, I don't mind if you, developers refuse to put this in-game... Thanks for reading!

Silver Sky Magician -> RE: =ED= Storyline Suggestions (1/25/2015 12:53:28)

Mission Chain Title: Detective Work
Chain Number: 1
Mission Title: Bust a Burglary
NPC: Hank
Mission Type: NPC (3 City Guards)

Mission Start Text: Donít cross me today, runt. My moodís fouler than a Hazardís breath. Some scoundrel rifled through the cash register while me back was turned, and teleported away before I could bash his head in. He could be anywhere on Delta V by now, but Iíll chase him to Baeliusís throne if thatís what it takes to get my money back. Those dingy little City Guards seem pretty suspicious to me Ė beat them up and flush out the guilty rascal.

Mission Turn In Text: Couldnít find him? Bah! As fun as it would be, I canít spend all day knocking out half of Delta V. Iíve got a business to run and a name to uphold. Tell you what Ė go find Miss Conductor for help. Not many people know this, but she can access the records of all transportation via teleportation in Delta V. See if you can persuade her to help.

Reward: Gold Scimitar

Mission Chain Title: Detective Work
Chain Number: 2
Mission Title: Dirty Little Secrets
NPC: Conductor
Mission Type: Collection

Mission Start Text: Shh! Donít be so loud! This stationís packed with all sorts of rogues.

Hank knows about the tracking system? My goodness...I could lose my job if word gets out. It contains highly classified information, and Iím strictly forbidden from hinting that the system even exists. Hank has been very kind to me, though, so Iíll make an exception, just this once. But youíll need to prove yourself first. Start by cleaning up the rubbish Ė we canít have Central Station looking like a junkyard.

Mission Turn In Text: I canít believe how inconsiderate some travellers can be. Broken weapons, leftover health sludge and gobs of spit, all thoughtlessly strewn around on this beautiful station. The cleaning bots just canít keep up with the mess. All those Exile and Legion soldiers should learn how to take care of their surroundings before they fight for freedom or order, or whatever it is they want.

Reward: 250 credits

Mission Chain Title: Detective Work
Chain Number: 3
Mission Title: Crowd Control
NPC: Conductor
Mission Type: PvP (5 PvP battles)

Mission Start Text: Weíll need to take some teleporters offline for maintenance, but the transport system is running at maximum capacity every hour of the week. Maybe you can Ďconvinceí some travellers to lighten the traffic?

Mission Turn In Text: Teleportation has become so pervasive that streets donít even have pavements anymore. People just barge straight into buildings, and I sometimes wonder why we still bother with doors. Perhaps a small transport fee would encourage some good old-fashioned walking.

Reward: 500 credits

Mission Chain Title: Detective Work
Chain Number: 4
Mission Title: Irresistible
NPC: Conductor
Mission Type: Purchase (1 Hankís Cake)

Mission Start Text: Wow, weíve got a lot of work done today! Hankís certainly got a sharp eye for people Ė just the one, though. Hereís your last task: buy me one of Hankís cakes and Iíll track down the robber for you.

Hey, donít look at me like that! Everyone loves cake, right?

Mission Turn In Text: Letís see...17.53, Hankís, three days ago...gotcha! The robber teleported in from the outskirts of Fortune City and escaped to...another part of Hankís shop?! No records of teleportation for a good few hours afterwards too. The culprit must be someone who loiters there often, someone whom Hank is familiar with. Who could it be?

Reward: 250 credits

Mission Chain Title: Detective Work
Chain Number: 5
Mission Title: Case Closed
NPC: Anya
Mission Type: NPC (Anya)

Mission Start Text: My, my. Storminí in and glaring at me like that Ė you got business with me, punk?

What? The cash register? How did you know it was me?

Not telling? Letís make a deal, then. If you beat me, Iíll return Hankís stuff. If I beat you, you spill the beans Ė and your wallet. You may have more brains than I thought, but youíll need brawn to back them up!

Mission Turn In Text: *Huff* *Huff* It was just a joke, all right? A harmless prank on an old buddy. No need to take it so seriously. If Hankís so concerned, he should ask his former comrades for a teleportation barrier. The sort that the higher ups use to keep out trespassers like you.

I didnít even manage to steal any credits anyway, just a hidden stash of Arcade Tokens. If Valestra was the one who found it...well, Hank ought to be thanking me for doing him a favour.

Reward: Arcade Token

Character Page link: http://epicduel.artix.com/charpage.asp?id=Aria%20Zetnell

Lord Machaar -> RE: =ED= Storyline Suggestions (2/13/2015 18:53:31)

Mission Chain Title: Show your loyalty

Chain Number: 1

Mission Title: Sweet vengeance

NPC: Commander Edgar Boothe

Mission Type: Challenge & defeat The Lawman

Mission Start Text: Through time, Legions & Exiles have fought all over Delta V. Results of those wars sure have shaken the loyalty of some of our soldiers. Some lost courage, some lost hope. Me and Nightwraith have been thinking how we can help Legion soldiers to gain their trust back. Nothing better than a sweet revenge from one of the icons of Exile forces, The Lawman.

Mission Turn In Text: Well done soldier. Visit Nightwraith for more details about our plan to coordinate attacks across Delta V. This is our only chance to assure that Legion forces are ready to face any upcoming threat.

Reward: 250 credits

Mission Chain Title: Show your loyalty

Chain Number: 2

Mission Title: Eternal Loyalty

NPC: Nightwraith.

Mission Type: Challenge & defeat 7 exile soldiers. Challenge & defeat exile leader (1 time)

Mission Start Text: It seems like exile forces are gaining courage due to their winning spree at regional wars, maybe defeating their leader and some of their minions will make them think again?

Mission Turn In Text: Hmm... Well done soldier, it seems like your loyalty is eternal for our great leader, Baelius.. I assume that Commander Edgar Boothe has already talked to you about our plan to coordinate our attacks, we are thinking about unsealing Silas Auer, it will take sacrfices, and a huge number of LOYAL soldiers fighting on all regions to mark the new arise of Legions.

Reward: Exile Conquerer (Achievement)

Exile Conqueror (250 rp): A brave soldier, eternal loyalty.

Exile mission chain is coming later. Although when I was checking ED wiki to make sure that NPCs I used belong to the right alignment. I found that Baelius's alignment is unkown, strange no?
link: http://epicduelwiki.com/w/Legion_(alignment)#tab=NPC_Alignments

nowras -> RE: =ED= Storyline Suggestions (6/30/2015 14:08:05)

Mission Chain Title: Immortality

Chain Number: 1

Mission Title: Money is everything


Mission Type: NPC

Mission Start Text: You humans only care for money, It's everything for you! So do you want money? Show me your loyality by defeating Zedmyr and IF you survive I'll give you enough money.

Mission Turn In Text: So It seems that you have survived, human. I hope you enjoy your money.

Reward: 2,500 credits

Chain Number: 2

Mission Title: Defeat the immortal


Mission Type: NPC

Mission Start Text: Don't think that you have achieved something. You're WEAK! I hope I'm wrong but go DEFEAT the Immortal so i can reward you. but my advice to you is NEVER try to challenge him, because you will regret it!

Mission Turn In Text: So you're the one! You're THE CHOSEN ONE! You're the person that I was waiting for. You're the new immortal who defeated Legendary Titan the Immortal!

Reward: 7,500 credits

Chain Number: 3

Mission Title: The Chosen One


Mission Type: NPC

Mission Start Text: Well, I forgot that the CHOSEN ONE has to defeat one more person. DO YOU KNOW WHO?! It's ME!

Mission Turn In Text: You're really THE CHOSEN ONE! you're not like the other humans, you're the best of them! and you deserve every credit I gave to you!

Reward: Achievment ''The Chosen One''
5,000 rating points

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