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Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Inside the house on the right

Quests given

Shops owned
Bloodflower's Assortment

Sanguinea: Well hello, <Class>, welcome to the Thorn, where you can get a deadly weapon from Amityvale's own "Alchemsmith".

  • Talk
    Sanguinea: With Lugosi... gone, the town needed a new smith. With my training as an alchemist I'm able to put a unique spin on my wares.
    Sanguinea: Vampire infestation? I have garlic-infused daggers. Werewolves? I have sword honed with dogwood.
    Sanguinea: I can counter most dangers lurking in the Doomwood! My friends don't call me Bloodflower for nothing.

    Sanguinea: Most of my weapons are reserved for the Rose. I do have a nice set of poison weapons that will work against most monsters though.
    Sanguinea: Just don't go looking for any aggravated slime molds.

  • Rumors
    Sanguinea: I've heard it said that Lugosi didn't just disappear... he was bitten!


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