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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Young Hero Armor Discussion Thread (9/13/2014 17:18:30)

Hiya DragonFablers!

We wanted to start a class discussion for this, even though it wasn't initially planned. But we decided that for the sake of completion and thoroughness, it should be added. Besides, who doesn't like the Young Hero? [;)]

This thread: All things Young Hero.
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Young Hero armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • Doom king of...DOOM! -> RE: =DF= Young Hero Armor Discussion Thread (9/13/2014 17:39:49)

    It killed me to finish the ArchKnight saga because of this class :P But I like Ash as a character so I had fun with it.

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