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ergotth -> Fallen Shaman fanart (9/14/2014 19:17:02)

So, I got the set done by Dage and laken, Fallen Shaman and I really liked the details and design on this set, specialy the idea of a muscle-bound magician who went into darker paths of magic. Anyway, I started a digital painting of this set, so I'll be posting the progress as I continue it, so keep an eye to get to the final result =)



So yea, so far, it all I've done, I intend to ask my boss to use it as digital painting practice material, so I get more time to work on it and also get some help from my boss and co-workers :)

ergotth -> RE: Fallen Shaman fanart (9/14/2014 23:39:17)



ergotth -> RE: Fallen Shaman fanart (9/17/2014 17:13:20)

aaaand DONE =D

Kingp -> RE: Fallen Shaman fanart (9/30/2014 9:36:18)

Nicely done.

Someone8 -> RE: Fallen Shaman fanart (7/11/2016 7:56:13)

Really good! You should do more, you're talented!
Very well done!

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