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Maguswood Region

Access Point: Travel Map (Book 3) -> Kingdom of Greenguard -> Maguswood Region


  • Falconreach
    Falconreach, a big and lively town with lots of action. Don't forget to come back and check the news once a week! (PS: This is where you are right now...)

  • Ravenloss

  • Verteroche Crossing


  • Drowned Fortress
    The broken remains of Sepulchure's Flying Fortress lie, mouldering, in the waters of Falconreach Bay. Rumors of treasure abound but darkness and evil still cling to the shattered bones.

  • Lymcrest
    The winds blows through the magically overgrown abandoned mines of the dwarves.

  • Stoneheart Fall
    A beautiful vista streaches for miles, behind the crumbling Gate.

  • Surewould Forest
    On the South-West edge of Maguswood Forest is an area named Surewould. Beware of bandits, monsters, ebil moglins, elementals, and more bandits! Locals tend to call it Surewood.

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