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Zephyros -> =AQ= Version 39 Patch Notes (11/20/2014 2:02:19)

# HP sweep! Your HP should be a LOT higher now. Monsters deal a bit more damage to compensate.
# MP sweep! Now your MP only rises if you train your INT.
# SP Sweep! SP regeneration has been greatly increased, and you now have a higher max SP.
# Guardians recover slightly more SP per turn.
# Changes to stat formulas:
## Melee BtH becomes STR*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40
## Ranged BtH becomes DEX*(3/20) + LUK/40
## Magic BtH becomes INT*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40
## Pet/Guest BtH becomes CHA*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40
## Blocking becomes DEX/8 + LUK/40
## Lucky Strike damage becomes LUK*(3/8)
# Moved some things (damage multipliers, BTH leans, damage boosts based on proc) engine-side to simplify things.
# Player attacks and weapon specials now do *1/1.1 damage, to bring it in line with spell damage. (Weapons were dealing 110% damage, because of specials, when all other treated them as a baseline of 100%. This restores them to the intended baseline.)

If you think we've missed something, please let us know on the Game Balance Issues forum. (Bring your calculators.)

We have threads in the General Discussion forum for discussing these changes. I'll update this as we reach the 30-page limit of each thread.
- Thread 1 (closed)
- Thread 2 (closed)
- Thread 3

Zephyros -> RE: =AQ= Version 39 Patch Notes (11/25/2014 2:46:20)

There's been a lot of discussion about the changes, and we're looking into how to adjust in response. There are two primary things I'd like to highlight, since many people won't have an opportunity to read through all of the discussion.

First, many people think healing is now underpowered. I want to state that devaluing healing was one of the goals of this update. The common availability of healing loops, and pets healing all of the damage a monster could do each turn, made stat points in END wasted and honestly took much of the challenge out of the game. (If there's no chance of failure, what does success mean?) That said, we're looking into whether or not healing spells and effects are now weaker on the relative scale than we intended them to be.

Second, certain monsters are definitely deadlier. Monsters which attack with multiple elements may be more deadly than intended, because it's tough to adequately guard against multiple elements in some cases. Monsters which drain HP based on the amount of damage they deal may also need that draining factor reduced, since they're dealing more damage now. We're going to check into these cases and see what adjustments we need to make.

There are a few other things, but these are the big two topics of conversation and our primary foci for tweaks. For a full list of things we're looking into, you can see my notes here on the Game Balance forum. You can also join the discussion in the thread I've linked in the post above. I'll keep that updated with links to the current discussion thread.

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